The Guardian: Iran test-fires missile that could hit Europe

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compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
19 December 2009

1) The Guardian: Iran test-fires missile that could hit Europe (December 2009)

from the archives:

2) US official: Iranian missile Shahab-4 could hit Central Europe (July 1998)


excerpts from: US condemns Iran’s ‘provocative actions’ as regime test-fires missile that could hit Europe (*)

by Ewen MacAskill and Ian Black, Guardian, 17 December 2009

The US and its allies yesterday branded as provocative Iran’s test-firing of an upgraded version of its most advanced [ballistic] missile, one claimed to be capable of hitting parts of Europe.

The Iranian defence minister, General Ahmad Vahidi, said the Sajjil-2 missile […] would act as “a strong deterrent” against possible foreign attack. Israel has repeatedly threatened to bomb Iranian nuclear plants to prevent it acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.

The launch […] follows a spate of reports, by the Guardian and the Times, suggesting that clandestine military aspects of Iran’s nuclear programme may be more advanced than was previously realised.

The missile launched yesterday, thought to be more accurate than its predecessor, the Shahab, offers Iran the prospect of creating mayhem not only by retaliating against the west’s oil lifeline in the gulf but also against Israel and targets in Europe.

(*) title of the print edition


from the archives:

excerpts from: Longer range on Iranian missile Shahab-4 could hit Central Europe

by Bill Gertz, Washington Times, 29 July 1998

Iran is working on a longer-range version of the Shahab-3 [ballistic] missile it flight-tested last week and it could be deployed in two to five years, […] Martin Indyk, assistant [US] secretary of state for Near East affairs, told reporters […]

U.S. intelligence agencies estimate that the Shahab-4 will have a range of up to 1,240 miles – enough to hit targets as far away as Central Europe.


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Indymedia UK, 15 December 2009


4 thoughts on “The Guardian: Iran test-fires missile that could hit Europe

  1. I agree withthe first two responses. Iran has a right to defend itself. It is circled by belligerents, especially israel and the USA. iran has not attacked another country in centuries, and it is plain that they don’t have a suicide wish. It is also plain that they can and will defend themselves if attacked.

    Why isn’t the bullshit Nobel Peace Prize winner talking to Iran? Why is it that Israel runs our Middle Eastern foreign policy?

  2. I find, these days, that when I hear news that suggest Iran may be in a stronger position to fend off an Israeli or US attack it is a source of real encouragement. When I hear allegations that Iran IS in fact pursuing a nuclear weapons capability I am encouraged that they have good sense to see through the lies and manipulations of the western cabal and have learned the lesson of Iraq that the only language they understand other than English is violence and armed force.

    Nowadays I have come to reach the view that Iran is the only viable opposition to an empire of global capitalism run by psychopaths – people who can inflict pain, suffering, injury, even death without empathy, compassion or remorse.

    • It seems warren that I am not alone in the view that Iran’s right to self defense and self-determination are both dependent on Iran having a nuclear capability.

      Almost certainly, as in the case of Iraq, the warmongers will attack only when they are sure the victim nation is defenseless and it’s civilians (collateral) can be slaughtered (damaged) without significant cost to themselves. The US wants resources, the Israelis just hate Islamics (with the bonus that when they are all dead or evicted, Israel can expand into their territory). What a bloody alliance. No wonder people all over the west prefer the bliss of ignorance to the knowledge that this is the essence and foundation of your society and your life.

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