Noam Chomsky: Gaza, One Year Later

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PalCast – Dec. 21, 2009

A-Infos Radio Project – Dec. 5, 2009

A report back and critical look at Gaza, one year after the invasion.

Noam Chomsky is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a world renown linguists, philosopher, cognitive scientist and political activist.

Here, Chomsky speaks about the strategic isolation of Gaza from the rest of the Palestinian territories, the continued US/Israeli crimes, the corrupt Israeli prison system, the Israeli decision to choose expansion over security and many other US backed Israeli atrocities committed with complete impunity and in violation of international law.

This event was sponsored by Newton Dialogue on Peace and War, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, CodePink, Greater Boston, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, and others.

Prasannan Parthasarthi was moderator.

Recorded by Chuck Rosina


Nancy Murray:


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10 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Gaza, One Year Later

  1. When a tyrannical regime is blinded by its own military power and political influence, as Israel is, it lives under that intoxicating influence that clouds judgment, decency, morality and any sense of common sense. What Israel doesn’t realize, or unable to, is that it’s, by that, is digging its own grave, which will come sooner or later – it just never lasts for arrogant, intransigence powers who behave and act as if they are above international law and they can do what they please. Israel’s power, and America didn’t help much in bringing Israel to its senses, will prove to be a curse that will bring its downfall, for nations that become corrupt, immoral and blinded by a false sense of eternal strength always come to regret it and pay a heavy price. The world over is no longer fooled by Israel’s lies and deception and their cover of “poor us, the Arabs want to kill us all and throw us in the sea” has been blown and its lame excuses and pretences just doesn’t wash any more. Israel has been exposed for what it really is: a mutant, racist entity that that believe it’s entitled by God to other people’s land, and that it’s above the law and no one can touch no matter what atrocities it commits. Israel’s psychological ailment has progressed rapidly and its repugnant, putrid acts of oppression reeks to high heaven of a nation gone, not only rogue, but mad. America isn’t acting like a true friend of Israel, for real friends will tell you the truth and will protect you from destroying yourself even if you don’t like it. American politicians are using Israel and its fanatic, morally-blind supporters to get elected and re-elected to offices, and they truly don’t give a damn about Israel and what it’s doing to itself or others.

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