Eva Golinger: US Spy Drones Detected in Venezuela


[Note the interview ends abruptly due to technical problems.]

December 22, 2009

Hugo Chavez is accusing the US of flying spy planes over
Venezuela. Are the accusation true? If so, what is the US looking for,
or what does Venezuela have to hide?


US Military Aggression against Venezuela escalating by Eva Golinger

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7 thoughts on “Eva Golinger: US Spy Drones Detected in Venezuela

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  7. Let’s hope Venezuela has lots of missiles to shoot down these illegal flights that continue to manifest the Dumbfuckedness of US foreign policy in general and in particular towards Latin America.

    The US continues to think of Latin American Republics as Banana Republics, and that they somehow by being bigger and more powerful should have unfettered access to their abundant natural resources.

    Bananas are the number selling fruit in the US, a country that does not produce bananas. If this aggressive stupidity keeps up, the US will be in short supply of numerous other commodities than bananas.

    The one good point about this US stupidity is that it is uniting Latin America against the US. Colombia doesn’t really count. It is looked down upon by the rest of Latin America and for good reason.

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