“I believe 100%, as an Afghan living among Afghans & I say it clearly, we don’t want even 1 more minute of war”

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December 21, 2009

Building human contact for peace in Afghanistan & the world

22 Dec. 2009

The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers organized a Youth Peace Convention at Bamiyan University on the 15th of November 2009

With the kind partnership of UNAMA Bamiyan, 6 youth peace volunteers from Kabul came to join 29 youth from Bamiyan for a short program followed by interaction and relationship building.

A tele-conference was also held during the Convention, in which the 35 Afghan participants of the Peace Convention spoke with peacemakers from the USA. There was mutual encouragement and agreement to gradually involve more youth in Afghanistan and the world in building relations towards peace.

Many thanks again to Douglas Mackey of Olympia FOR for making the tele-conference possible. We also thank Bernie Meyer ( The American Gandhi ) for his message to Our Journey to Smile.

Text of video

Abdulai with Afghan youth from Kabul who attended the Bamiyan Youth Peace Convention

Faiz leadng the youth peace volunteers at Bamiyan University

The American Gandhi Bernie Meyer’s message to Our Journey to Smile

In the words of Gandhi, “In nonviolence courage is in dying, not in killing.”

So, live with courage.

Be without fear.

Live with love.

And may your Journey to Smile continue on.

The youth volunteers began their village to village call to peace

We the youth of Shashpool also want peace

We the youth of Mullah Ghulam want peace

Youth are the real pillars & the future of a country & we’ve decided that the way of success & happiness in Afg is peace!

We the youth of Hawal want peace!

Salam ( peace ) to everyone! Salam!

The convention yesterday was good ; making connections with the world thru’ tele-conferencing. In every other country & the capital and provinces in Afg, we should gather & work together towards peace. Afghans are tired of war. Enough of war! Afghans don’t want war, only love, brotherhood & rights thru’ peace & friendship, till the world becomes one.

I believe 100%, as an Afghan living among Afghans & I say it clearly, we don’t want even 1 more minute of war.

Humans naturally want happiness & wish for days of freedom & without war, so that we can ?work & study.?

If all media from different countries tell the truth about Afg, we may see protests worldwide.

Every media person has a special responsibility ; he should ask himself if he is honest. If I were a reporter & I can’t publish the truth, I should not continue my job.

A human should be honest & work with integrity. He should be true to himself & not be ‘2-faced’ (hypocritical), which is being political.

In life, the important thing is love. In every area of life, love brings results.

Hafizullah, do you want peace? Yes!

Whatever the leaders of the world say, love is how we, the youth of Afghanistan, want peace!


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