Christmas in the Holy Land: Protests, Arrests, Santas and Drums

December 21, 2009

Thanks to neverbeforecampaign for this video about conditions in the historical Holy Land. A slide show of images from the near east showing conditions under the occupation and siege.

Christmas in the Holy Land – 2009


This Xmas in Bilin – ‏ 25-12-09

December 25, 2009

Some 30 Israelis and 15 internationals joined the weekly local demonstrations against the wall, celebrated Xmas in Bilin (and the 42nd anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), with St. Nick and Mrs. Claus (how come she hasn’t got her own name?) costumes and toys for the kids. The soldiers were offered a Xmas tree decorated with used gas canister baubles, and reciprocated with brand new gas canisters for the demonstrators and village youth. But since collecting and displaying used army projectiles is grounds for arrest and indictment (as shown by the case of Abdullah Abu Rahme), the good boys of the local shabab politely returned the army’s spent ammo. High level Fatah officials joined to congratulate and show solidarity. The demonstration ended with no casualties, and most Israelis continued to Sheikh Jarah.


Christmas ‘under siege’ in Bethlehem – 24 Dec 09

Tropos Zoe

As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, owners of tourism shops in Bethlehem aren’t seeing the booming business they’d expect this time of year.

Nour Odeh reports on how Israel’s illegal occupation may be keeping the West Bank’s tourism industry from thriving. December 23, 2009


Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah – 25-12-09

Some 500 demonstrators gathered at the top of the street that Jewish settlers are taking over in Shiekh Jarakh in East Jerusalem. The demonstrators organized march from West Jerusalem, sang songs and beat their drums in solidarity with the Palestinians kicked out of their homes by the settlers.

The good policemen of Jerusalem, who have probably not read the editorial in this morning’s Ha’aretz, decided that a demonstration with no arrests would be unworthy of its name, even though the march and demonstration were coordinated with it ahead of time. Police started arresting people who were already arrested in the past, claiming that they were in violation of their parole. To their great shame a member of the Jerusalem municipality was present with a copy of the appeals’ court ruling, canceling the activists’ ban from the area, and so most detainees were later released.

The massive demonstration went on with great energy for two hours, and enjoyed the presence of the media.. It is believed that these demonstrations will keep growing in the coming future.


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