Disturbing questions in thwarted US plane bombing + The Yemen War


By Barry Grey
28 December 2009

The nearly catastrophic attempt to blow up a US passenger jet during its final approach to Detroit Metro Airport on Christmas Day raises a number of serious questions.

While many details of the attempted terror attack and the biography of the would-be suicide bomber remain sketchy, widely-reported facts that have been corroborated by US officials make clear that the near-destruction of the airliner was the result of a colossal and as yet unexplained security failure.


The media is dutifully and uncritically parroting these explanations, but they strain credulity. Since 9/11, there have been innumerable reports of people being barred from flying by government security officials for no apparent reason. One of these was the late Senator Edward Kennedy, who in 2004 was placed on the Homeland Security Department’s “no-fly” list and prevented from boarding a shuttle from Washington DC to Boston.


The latest episode occurs within days of US air attacks against insurgents in Yemen, which US officials and the media are increasingly portraying as a center of Al Qaeda activity nearly on a par with the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.


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The Yemen War

December 28, 2009


Inside Story – Yemen’s ‘war on terror’ – 27 Dec 09

December 27, 2009

Yemen says it is fighting a war against homegrown al-Qaeda terror, but that fight is being questioned. Some accuse the government of using al-Qaeda’s alleged presence as an excuse to use violence against the government’s political enemies. Others have problems with the growing number of civilian casualties. Inside Story investigates.


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