Fatah warns of intifada against Mahmoud Abbas

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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29 December 2009

1) Fatah warns of intifada against Mahmoud Abbas (28 December 2009)
2) Abbas: As long as I’m in office, I will not allow a new Intifada (22 December 2009)



excerpts from: Fatah warns of intifada against PA

by Khaled Abu Thoameh, Jerusalem Post, 28 December 2009

The killing of the three Fatah operatives in Nablus by the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] over the weekend could trigger a third intifada, Fatah officials warned on Sunday. But the new intifada, they said, would be different from the first two – this time it would be directed against the Palestinian Authority [i.e. Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah administration in the West Bank].

During the funerals of the three men, all veteran members and leaders of Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, thousands of Palestinians chanted slogans accusing the Palestinian Authority of collusion with Israel and calling for an end to security coordination with Israel and the dismantling of the Palestinian Authority. […] It was, in the words of a local journalist, “one of the biggest anti-Palestinian Authority demonstrations” in many years.



excerpt from: Transcript: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

by Charles Levinson, Wall Street Journal, 22 December 2009

“I will not allow a new intifada. As long as I’m in office, I will not allow anybody to start a new intifada. Never never.”

[Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, interwiew with the Wall Street Journal, 20 December 2009]


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IDF praises PA security performance

by Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post, 27 December 2009



One thought on “Fatah warns of intifada against Mahmoud Abbas

  1. It’s amazing how the Palestinians, in their efforts to organize exhibit the same phenomenon that seems to be ubiquitous throught the left.

    Over years of struggle one or a few organisations emerge that can sufficiently define and articulate a popular expression of their cause with a few individuals at the helm.

    Then, over time new leadership takes over from the old and radically transforms the organisation until most of it’s members find themselves supporting an organisation that no longer represents their cause.

    For example, Tony Blair presiding over a New Labour without the Clause 4 that had been it’s heart and soul, leading the nation into an illegal, immoral war in which young men are sent to murder in their thousands the people of a nation and class sharing more in common with them than they do with the people who send them to do the killing.

    It always ends in tears.

    Sooner or later the system breaks and the leadership has to be purged and the process starts all over again.

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