Richard Engel: New Pentagon Report + Afghan soldier opens fire, kills US trooper


Richard Engel guest on the Rachel Maddow Show December 29, 2009


Afghan soldier opens fire, kills US trooper
Tue, 29 Dec 2009 16:31:13 GMT

An Afghan army soldier on Tuesday opened fire on US-led forces, fatally shooting an American soldier and inflicting injuries on two Italian troopers.

The incident occurred in the northwestern Badghis province’s Bala Murghab village, Reuters reported. The attacker was injured by retaliatory fire by NATO and Afghan forces before being arrested.

The Italian contingent said its soldiers had suffered minor injuries, adding that the shooter “is now under observation in the camp hospital.”

An Afghan army official confirmed the report.

“The soldier opened fire on the two Italians and one American in a joint afghan and foreign base,” General Khair Mohammad Khawari, a senior officer in western Afghanistan, told Reuters.

The motive behind the attack is unknown.

In early November, five British soldiers were killed by an Afghan policeman at a checkpoint in Helmand province. Two American soldiers were fatally shot in a similar incident in late March.

Analysts say the frequency by which the attacks have been taking place point to resentment within the Afghan soldiers at the US-led military presence.

The United States commands around 113,000 soldiers in the war-torn country. 38,000, mostly American, troops are to be dispatched there in the coming months.


Afghan training a challenge for US marines – 23 Dec 09

December 23, 2009

Training Afghanistan’s security forces is a key part of the United States’ withdrawal strategy. US forces can’t leave until an Afghan national army and police are ready to take over.

But while top officials say the national police are improving, the marines doing the actual teaching have likened the task to directing a kindergarten class.

Al Jazeera’s Clayton Swisher caught up with some of the trainers in Garmsir, a small town in southern Helmand Province, to report their experiences.


Lazy Afghanistan Army

December 11, 2009

The reality on the ground. This is what American troops have to deal with on the ground,unmotivated, lazy, Afghanistan troops.

This is what’s actually going on in the field.

What kind of psychopathic criminals would send American troops to fight and die under conditions like this?


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