Robert Johnson: Obama had a choice


Robert Johnson: Obama should have saved the functions of the banks not the bankers and the shareholders

Obama had a choice Pt3


Robert Johnson: Crony capitalism unchanged + Wall St: More complicated means more profitable Pts 1-2

Kucinich to Investigate Fannie/Freddie Bailout

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009; must-see)

4 thoughts on “Robert Johnson: Obama had a choice

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  3. Re Johnson — not only a Mussolini nationalises banks! Australia had a large and much-loved state-owned bank (Commonwealth) from 1911 to 1991 (the central bank till 1957), though it succumbed to deregulation/privatisation in 1983. Corporate banks, by contrast, serve special interests in the shape of billionaires like George Soros!

    What is wrong with people democratically and collectively administering their own credit (publicly owned banks and credit unions)? Is it not a democratic right? Or do liberals think that democracy should never extend to the purse-strings, and that people must allways remain under bourgeois tutelage?

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