Israelis Protest in Tel Aviv + Jews and Christians Protest in Albuquerque & Baltimore

January 02, 2010

A year since the war in Gaza
The siege continues those responsible were not questioned
1,400 Gazans killed, most of them civilians
terrible destruction carried out indiscriminatingly
The Goldstone Report has determined war crimes were committed by Israel
Though the fighting stopped, the siege goes on, Gaza was turned into one big prison
Gaza is cut off from the world, Gazans from their families and their people
Demonstrators demand:
End the Siege of Gaza!
Those responsible must stand trial!


Albuquerque Vigil in support of Gaza Freedom March

January 01, 2010

Thanks to Susan Schuurman for this video about an Albuquerque vigil in support of Gaza and the Gaza Freedom March.


Baltimore Vigil in Solidarity with Gaza

January 01, 2010

On New Years Day, Jan. 1, 2010, a vigil was held at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. It was sponsored by the “Women in Black.” According to a press release from Peace and Justice Activist Max Obuszewski, today’s vigil was “in support of the [Gaza] Freedom Marchers and the Palestinian people.” Keep in mind the words of wisdom from Mohandas Gandhi, Spiritual Warrior. He said, “What is true of the individual will be tomorrow true of the whole nation if individuals will but refuse to lose heart and hope.”


Protest at Egyptian Embassy, in D.C., re: Gaza Freedom March

Weekly Protest in Sheikh Jarrah – 1-1-2010 (Hebrew)

Israeli Arabs and Jews protest against Gaza blockade – Agence France-Presse

Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Israelis protest Gaza blockade


Michel Chossudovsky: The Invasion of Gaza (2009)

Free Palestine – End the Seige Protests in Cairo, Israel and NY + Egyptian police beat Gaza peace activists

A taboo question for Israelis by Larry Derfner

Courage in action – Children stand up to the IDF in the West Bank

11 thoughts on “Israelis Protest in Tel Aviv + Jews and Christians Protest in Albuquerque & Baltimore

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  7. The flurry of activities springing up in many places, from people of all walks of life, different religions and backgrounds, all in support of the blockaded, or more like imprisoned 1.5 million people in Gaza, does renew my faith, which I almost lost, in the goodness of people.

    There are still decent, people of principle and courage in the world, who chose to take an honorable stand against tyranny and injustice, perpetrated by what may be the most outlandish, outrageous and insane land grab in modern times, supported, financed and armed by the world’s self-proclaimed champion of justice and human rights. What a crock of*****, if I ever heard one.

    If we only didn’t brag so much about our self-righteousness and support for the underdog, hungry and those who are denied justice. We are a schizophrenic nation of self-deceiving, delusional and pompous people – well, not all, thank God, but too many. Justice delayed is justice denied – right?…we are full of it up to our ears; and by us I mean mostly our phony politicians who have less conscience and consideration for truth and justice than a pack of hyenas – no offence to hyenas!

    Things are moving though, and changes are taking place, albeit slowly, but the onus and blame of this not growing into its glorious potential, as it can, is on the media, who are entrusted to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – but they are not!!!! They aren’t playing the role they are supposed to play, for reasons we all know: fear of reprisal and persecution by their own leaders, managers and owners, who haven’t the moral fibre or the guts to report the truth. The truth about the history’s weirdest and ugliest ploy and game of stealing, grabbing, pillaging and murdering – all in the name of God and his presumed promise to these rabid fanatics. And we, the world’s biggest lier and phoniest, most hypocritical government, support and coddle this mutant, fanatic state we call our ally, which we swore to support and protect against justice and international law.

    When will America’s conscience awaken to the atrocities we commit around the world for the sake of greed, self-interest, power and hegemony over…every thing we can get our hands on? Israel isn’t so much to blame – well, not as much as the big superpower that is supposed to be wiser, more conscientious and just than Israel, but is tragically as far from it as can be.

    The founding fathers of this nation must be turning in their graves with disgust of their descendents, and Jesus must be so heart-broken and disappointed of this God-fearing Christian nation.

  8. it seems the protest was not some kind of big event-living in TA i did not notice it. another thing-on 1 january gaza started to bomb israel again -just in oder to rimend us that they did not finish the war yet. but this article says nothing about it.

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