This Year The Gloves Come Off By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
January 2, 2010

During the past decade we the people of the United States have had our sensibilities assailed on a constant basis. Those that have gone along with the mainstream media and government officials and spokesman should be ashamed of themselves. There is a worldwide war being waged by the United States, not on terrorism, but on humanity. The Muslim people are not our enemies. The people that live in regions that America deems important to our geo-strategic goals are not enemies; they are “collateral damage”. The people of the United States that support our government’s charade are not patriots, but pawns. Those that fight for our government are not victors, but victims.

Those that support Barack Obama are, after watching his love affair with violence, supporting a man that has proven himself a war-mongering fascist. The corporate control of America is nearly complete. Our liberties and rights written into the American Constitution have become so watered-down by the Patriot Acts, The John Warner Defense Bill of 2006 (The re-vamped Insurrection Act), the re-vamped FISA Laws that allow the government to monitor your phone and e-mail messages and other draconian laws have basically turned America into a “security state” not unlike the Soviet Union of the last century.

I can already hear my critics proclaiming to themselves “Here he goes again”. In this case they are right. I’ve been writing about these subjects for the last five years. My writing reminds me of when I was a boy on the North Shore of Long Island, building sand castles and trying to build walls around them to protect them from the tide. I’d start with a small wall and when the tide came in the walls would have to be made higher. Soon, I was pouring bucketfuls of sand on the walls and the ever creeping tide would always remind me that I was working at a fools’ errand. I feel this way now, but instead of being the fool myself, I see most of my fellow American’s playing the part.

How stupid can the citizenry of one nation be? When I studied history I always wondered how the German people could support a group of criminals like the Nazi’s. I believe I have my answer. It is as simple as fostering an idea as simple as the “Us against them” mentality. What I would like to know is who exactly are we fighting? It seems to me that this nation is fighting most of the third world, from Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, to Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia to Russia on the other side of the world.

Who are our friends? The answer is all the countries that are controlled by corporate interests. Countries like Great Britain, France, and most of the NATO nations. We expand NATO into a military behemoth that has no real reason for existence other than to support the United States in its quest for Global Dominance. Even the name North Atlantic Treaty Organization supports what I am claiming. The alliance has nothing to do with the security of the North Atlantic nations that belonged to the original NATO. There is no Warsaw Pact to defend against. We are now using the alliance to kill and maim innocent Pakistani and Afghan people. Make no mistake; we are killing everyone that stands in our way. Our nation is run by a savage group of people with profit in mind.

This year will probably be the last chance we have to reclaim our country and its government. We can refuse to believe the lies and racism that comes out of Washington and march on the Capitol and demand that we return to the rule of law and civilized behavior. Nazi’s like Glenn Beck and others of his ilk should be called out for what they are, Nazi’s. Obama should be repudiated as he has tellingly demonstrated that he is a pawn of the Military Industrial Corporate Complex.

Sooner or later I and others like myself will be incarcerated for writing pieces like this. I have no doubt in my military mind. It will be the natural outgrowth of fascism.

Unless the people of America come together and fight the cancer that has infected the United States, its government and its military and those that control both, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the German people in 1933. We will suffer the same fate as they did in 1945. History has an odd way of repeating itself. You can question authority and be part of the solution, or you can be part of the problem. It’s up to you.


Read Tim Gatto’s new book Complicity to Contempt.


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7 thoughts on “This Year The Gloves Come Off By Timothy V. Gatto

  1. Timothy,

    I’ve also wondered for years what’s going on with people in the U.S.? How did Americans get so complacent, so passive, so dumbed down? I’ve been teaching overseas and I don’t know how to explain the behavior of Americans to people in other countries. But I’ve got some ideas, that maybe in aggregate begin to explain what’s happened.

    1. The majority of Americans are losing ground financially. The number of permanent positions (that come with benefits and security), have dwindled alarmingly during my lifetime.

    When people with good incomes lose their jobs, they fall into temporary agency purgatory, and they know it. You work temp jobs when they’re available. They can be canceled any time. They don’t provide benefits. You lose the day’s pay if you’re out sick. You don’t get vacation. No security, no stability. You are expendable and you know it.

    So the remaining numbers of people who have good positions, don’t want to lose them. They know that it’ll be at least six months to a year of a job search for another good position, and possibly a year or two or three… First, they’ll go through their savings and assets, then perhaps they’ll lose their home, and maybe even their car(s), if a period of unemployment goes on too long, which is a likely prospect when the economy’s bad. Any ill health can speed this process considerably.

    So they do what they’re told in their jobs. And if it means doing the jobs of 2-3 people, they’ll suck up and do it. And not have time for anything else. And half of those people, perhaps more, take antidepressants because it’s too dangerous to their livelihood to express any anger. Almost everyone in the U.S. knows someone who lives like this. Some of the readers may recognize themselves, especially the lurkers who are afraid to speak out.

    2. Many people in the U.S. don’t even really follow what’s happening. Their free time is taken up with watching movies and TV, playing computer games, trying to make some extra money in some multiple-marketing scheme, drinking, drugging, and shopping at the malls on weekends. In short, people who have chosen escapism instead of being awake and active on behalf of their community or shouldering any form of civic duty.

    3. A large number of people are brainwashed by mass media and other more subtle methods of mind control, including the belief that any form of dissent is dangerous and you will be punished for going against those in power. Parallel to these concerns, is the erroneous belief that opposition is futile, that we are powerless against the lies, that we have no legislative recourse with a flaccid Congress that doesn’t represent our concerns, nor do we have real recourse through the rule of law because the courts have been so corrupted, elections have been rigged, and candidates don’t present any real choice between them. So why even vote?

    4. The short attention span that results from so much ongoing input for people who lead active lives. Most people do not have the perseverance or persistence to engage in political activism that does not pay them.

    5. Isolationism. Most people in the U.S. don’t travel to other countries or learn other languages. It’s possible for them to see the rest of the people in the world as irrelevant and they have very little interest in other’s concerns, or whether these people live or die, especially if they’re poor.

    6. Ethnocentrism. Americans largely feel superior to everyone else in the world. And they support aggressive military actions because they believe it assures continued superiority. This probably varies considerably by individual as a factor, and no doubt there’s a continuum in how much it influences a person’s complacency or lack of resistance to the increased militarism of the U.S. Nevertheless, it’s a major factor in the field of energy in the U.S. that contributes to the support of the populace in U.S. military actions, no matter how abhorrent.

    7. Fear and stupidity. A number of Americans can’t read or write well enough to follow what’s happening in their communities and country, let alone the rest of the world. They aren’t smart enough to question any official news they watch on TV. These people can be easily manipulated by giving them reasons (even lies) for them to be afraid. (I like to think that this is small number, but that’s debatable.)

    8. Political naivete. Failure to stay informed. Difficulty getting good information and sorting through official disinformation. Unwillingness to believe that those in power could be so evil in their intent.

  2. The US doesn’t come by friends naturally – they have to be literally purchased. A nation that cowardly always attacks smaller countries. A nation that is the biggest terrorist of them all.

  3. The problem is well known. The upper 1% plutocratic Fasdicsts are experts at using irrelevant wedge issues to divide WE THE PEOPLE into petty little warring factions. Meanwhile, we are being robbed of our tax dollars, our nest eggs and our future.

    The question of the day is this, how can WE THE PEOPLE gain control over our representatives in our government, hold them accountable and force them to do what is best for us, instead of selling out to the upper 1% plutocratic Fascists?

    Whoever can answer that question and lead us to that goal will go down in history as the person who saved the United States.

  4. The people of America can not come together because they do not know they are apart. The people are a product of what is given them by the corporate media. Democracy is now an illusion and the people are complacent.
    Corporate shills frame the argument and supervise the writing of legislation for their own best interests. I do not know how we get around this farce but I do know we must try There are some politicians with ethics and integrity who must speak truth to power.


  5. So, DRIVE to DC for GWOHC (Global War On Halfascist Corporations) 3/20/10, or preferably sooner by acting together, now! And on the OH OH decade’s Other Half, tje DEMiserepublicans’ NAPPY (No Account President and Party of Yoo)!!

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