James Heintz: The grim state of the states


January 02, 2010

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James Heintz: 900,000 state workers across the US could lose jobs as state deficits explode

James Heintz has written on a wide range of economic policy issues, including job creation, global labor standards, egalitarian macroeconomic strategies, and investment behavior. He has worked as an international consultant on projects in Ghana and South Africa, sponsored by the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Development Program, that focus on employment-oriented development policy. He is co-author, with Nancy Folbre, of The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy. From 1996 to 1998, he worked as an economist at the National Labour and Economic Development Institute in Johannesburg , a policy think tank affiliated with the South African labor movement. His current work focuses on global labor standards, employment income, and poverty; employment policies for low- and middle-income countries; and the links between macroeconomic policies and distributive outcomes.

Pt 2

James Heintz: Unemployment and low wages cutting state revenue from sales and income taxes

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The grim state of the states Pt. 3

Heintz: Higher wages a solution, but states not making unionization easier and cut public sector wages


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