U.S. to subject foreign air travellers from 14 countries to full body search

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compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
4 January 2010

1) U.S. to subject foreign air travellers from 14 countries to full body search
(4 January 2010)

2) Gordon Brown: British airports will introduce full-body scanners (1 January 2010)



excerpt from: New U.S. air traveller screening focuses on 14 nations

by James Vicini, Reuters, 4 January 2010

[Foreign] passengers travelling from or through nations listed as “state sponsors of terrorism” – Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria, […] Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen – […] will face full-body pat downs before boarding airliners under new security screening procedures […] (*)

Such passengers will be patted down, have their carry-on luggage searched and could undergo advanced explosive detection or imaging scans, according to [a U.S.] official. […]

The procedures, which go into effect on Monday, follow the botched Christmas Day bombing attempt on a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner blamed on a Nigerian man who U.S. officials believe was trained by al Qaeda in Yemen.

(*)  [U.S.] Transportation Security Administration Statement on New Security Measures for International Flights to the U.S.

Transportation Security Administration website, 3 January 2010




excerpts from: Vigilance key to tackling terrorist threat – PM

by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Number 10 website, 1 January 2010

“[T]he failed attack in Detroit on Christmas Day reminds us of a deeper reality; that almost 10 years after September 11th international terrorism is still a very real threat. […]

These enemies of democracy and freedom – now trying to mastermind death and destruction from Yemen as well as other better-known homes of international terror such as Pakistan and Afghanistan – are concealing explosives in ways which are more difficult to detect. […] We now know that the would-be bomber used a small quantity of explosive that went undetected by standard airport security equipment. […]

So – in cooperation with President Obama and the Americans – we will examine a range of new techniques to enhance airport security systems […] These could include advancing our use of explosive trace technology, full body scanners and advanced x-ray technology.”


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3 thoughts on “U.S. to subject foreign air travellers from 14 countries to full body search

  1. The Tower of Babble

    As I climb the stairs and look down from the tower…
    I see the swarm of confused ants that is my own civilisation in the grip of the chaos that is its own demise.
    I see the power of a handfull of victims of a long history of unscrupulous acts of capitalist power and greed, demonstrating beyond doubt that when people are angered past the point of caring about their own lives their rage is unstoppable.

    I see the sponsors of the original unscrupulous acts of capitalist power and greed now profiting from the consequence by exploiting the fear and anxiety of the victims of their victims. The security industry is the fastest growing sector (other than banking) and is owned by the same people who own the rest of western capitalism.

    I see thoroughly irrational measures taken to secure the air travel industry, so irrational that they are clearly intended more to fuel the climate of fear and anxiety than to thwart would-be attackers. Measures taken by a security industry so demonstrably incompetent that there is a good case to indicate that they are actually facilitating the efforts and ambitions of would-be attackers.

    I see the millions of blind mice participating in willful ignorance in order to maintain their part of a collective illusion, an illusion that sustains the stampeding masses in an obvious path to unwholesome, unsatisfying lives and ultimate self destruction.

    It’s almost biblical. Too silly for believable fiction. Too sad to be attributed to a benevolent god. So full of irony as to be quite clearly the result of the free will of pretentious human beings devoid of souls and driven by a psychopathic lust for wealth and power.

  2. Another knee-jerk reaction that is totally useless.

    It is not the country of origin of these travellers – it is the travellers themselves.

    Profiling is key.

    And then get properly trained screeners to look at the individual in the eye as they ask simple, basic questions.

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