2009: The Year that “Perpetual Motion” Ended By Steve Windisch

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By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
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January 5, 2010

Looking back over the year 2009, we can see many important changes. Interestingly enough, the major changes soon to be related here were mostly not publicized in the Mainstream… Yet they certainly happened nonetheless. This interesting dichotomy comes from how the mainstream scientific community has viewed the topic “Free Energy”; and how their former attitudes on this subject appear to have embarrassingly painted them into a corner; from which there is no extraction without loss of face… and even worse, requiring at least tacit admission of a serious failure in the past to view the science objectively; and pursue the study of many varied energy-related technologies which could, “coincidentally” very favorably compete with the use of Coal and Oil as fuels.

They are not likely to tell us they were “wrong”, so we must point this out for ourselves. The information related here can be easily checked; and if we look at the data objectively, there is little doubt that most will come to similar conclusions. Yet the point is not to place blame; but to move forward, and get the errors and suppressions behind us… so real progress can be made in the genre of alternative energy research: Something that has not happened on this planet in a serious way (with the lone exception of “Nuclear Fission”, inextricably linked to weapons research), for over a hundred years and counting.

“Perpetual Motion Nonsense!”

Supposedly (as we were often told, anyway), “Achieving Perpetual Motion” was the “Dream” of free energy inventors for many decades. But this is not so; and has been used thousands of times as a clever lie and attack phrase to denigrate alternative energy research, by painting the inventors as “kooks” striving for something that “cannot exist” by the Sacred Laws Of Thermodynamics… used as an ad hominem epithet that has loaded psychological meaning; carefully crafted over the years to instantly give a negative connotation which allows the user to completely ignore the data and arguments, and simply “attack the messenger” to end any meaningful debate. And it has worked successfully for decades.

But the Truth of this matter is, that the vast majority of free energy inventors do not seriously disagree with the Conservation of Energy (“CoE”)… They simply believe that these laws are incomplete; and that it is possible to tap currently undefined and unseen energy in an Open System that does not adhere to these “Laws”. Considering that they were written in the 1860’s… before the advent of “Atomic Theory”, or even most of “Molecular Theory”; it would actually be absurd to expect these “Laws” to hold in all instances; knowing what we now know. Yet, this has still been the “official stance” for many years. And this “Perpetual Motion” epithet has been used many times to deflect the possibility that viable, safe, clean, and cheap energy alternatives to coal and oil do in fact exist… and that if these alternatives were properly and openly studied; the world would quickly benefit from them.

This article will show that the use of this “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” negative attack phrase as a method of denying alternative energy technologies is now over: Flat, irretrievably done and finished… forever.

Because, the Laws of Thermodynamics have conclusively been proved wrong in significant instances; and the amazing part of this is, that “quietly”, the mainstream scientific community certainly knows and accepts this fact. Yes: Amazing as it sounds to many who had no idea that such a major change has taken place; this is indeed true (as we will soon see).

Apparently the mainstream scientific community and media just forgot to tell us.

And although such a statement as “CoE is Dead” will raise many hackles, and knee-jerk shouts of derision from thousands who still hold these “Laws” to be “Immutable” (with many folks standing by them much more than they would actual religious Laws such as “The Ten Commandments”)… These cries will now come only from the uneducated, or those who disingenuously continue to deny out of fear of having to modify their world-views… in other words, there will always be those who deny, yet they are now the “Fringe”, the “Flat Earthers”… and not those they previously aimed to attack in the alternative energy community: A state of affairs that will certainly be amusing and refreshing for many folks, but not very humorous for the anti-free energy “skeptical community”; who now find themselves left adrift by the very “Science” that they claimed to adhere to.

But that is not of any real consequence. What is of major importance, is that when this sea change is carefully considered, we must come to the inevitable conclusion that:

“This Changes Everything”.

Perhaps the very great import inherent to this “paradigm-destruction” is the reason the corporate-owned mainstream media has not told us these things yet. Consider that if people were made aware of the “Possibilities” of many energy-related concepts and technologies being valid, now that the “Laws” that loudly claimed they are “impossible” have been discredited…. that folks all over the world would call for much greater and vigorous open study of these technologies that were so often previously scoffed at as “Perpetual Motion Nonsense”.

And the results of these studies would have to be made Public.

And the public results would have to be followed-up on; with Billions of folks all over world watching.

And these “follow-ups” would mean the rapid ending of the reign of coal and oil as the fuels of choice on this planet…. and this will be the single most important planetary-wide change for Humankind that is likely to happen for many Centuries to come.

In other words, it allows for the perceived “existence”, and eventual Disclosure, of Free Energy technologies. And thus this article, and the proofs shown here and other places by many other people over many years, will eventually cause very red faces all over the corporate, bureaucratic, and scientific worlds. These facial colorations will be due to either embarrassment, or anger at being finally “found out”, with the knowledge that the “gig is up”, the “gravy-train” of monopoly control and pricing for energy is finally approaching the end of the line… and more importantly, that the long-delayed significant social and political changes that many in the corporate and bureaucratic worlds dread will now be Possible, and inevitable.

The Death of an Epithet

As the title of this article suggests, “2009” was a very important year for the destruction of the current paradigm regarding alternative energy research, and for “science” in general. Here is a list of events culminating in 2009 that ended the “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” epithet for all time to come:

March, 2009: LENR is Finally Accepted as Valid in the U.S. The U.S. Navy Research Lab finally admits that what is commonly called “Cold Fusion” (L.E.N.R. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions); is “Valid”. After 20 years of denial, the U.S. scientific community officially admits they were utterly wrong on this subject. This was a major shock to some “skeptics”, who embarrassingly, up until the actual day this information was reported on, were still loudly denying LENR . We have yet to see any serious retractions from the Media (despite the 2009 “Sixty Minutes” segment on this), who loudly claimed: “Fraud!” during the initial attack and disinformation campaign of 1989 / 1990 when Drs’ Pons and Fleischmann first went public (the national mainstream media will very rarely admit being “wrong”, unless forced to by threat of legal suit). Unfortunately, the “Statutes of Limitations” for Libel and Slander are now “up”, and the media can no longer be prosecuted for misleading the American public in this matter.

It is clear that this sudden “180-degree turn-around” in 2009 regarding Cold Fusion was about “saving face” before wider awareness of the facts made the U.S. scientific community look utterly foolish: Major Universities in many other countries had reported validations and successful replications of the Pons and Fleishmann process / effect over 120 times all over the world, all of them done by respected and tenured Scientists and documented by Peer-Reviewed Papers… but not within the borders of the U.S. for some “strange” reason, as funding for LENR experiments has been routinely denied to our scientists in the academic community. One of these successes in particular, done by the Energetics private laboratory in Israel, is reported to show energy releases up to 25 times that of what is used to create the effect (“COP>25”).. And Energetics specific process using special biasing waveforms and Lithium in the electrode baths appears to have been heavily copied by the Naval Research Lab’s experiments.
The surprise turn-around regarding LENR was the first, and most “public”, nail to come in 2009; sealing the coffin of the “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” epithet forever… and proving thousands of Skeptics, many of them Tenured Professors of Physics and Chemistry; “wrong” regarding what is “possible”.

The Los Alamos National Labs Physics Archives: One can go to this archive, hosted by Cornell University, and do a search for the term “Zero Point Energy”. This will turn up literally hundreds of Peer-Reviewed Papers and Abstracts regarding “ZPE”. What is unique and interesting about this fact, is that Zero Point Energy does not conform to the Laws of Thermodynamics at all. It is a source of energy that is “outside” of the Laws of “CoE”. This is key information for all of us to consider: The large majority of our mainstream scientific community certainly knows that ZPE exists. ZPE “breaks” all the Laws. Yet many in the mainstream scientific community (often the same proved wrong about LENR), are still insisting that CoE is “sacrosanct” in all cases? This obviously makes no sense, especially coming from the one group in our society who is supposed to uphold Scientific Method. Perhaps what Dr. Eugene Mallove called before his tragic murder 6 years ago: “The Politics of Science” , has corrupted many, and helped obscure these facts from being generally known. Billions in government funding are at stake here, and when the paradigm regarding alternative energy research finally changes; everything in the current world of science can now be questioned, and drastic changes in funding priorities will, and must, certainly happen …such as the ending of funding for “Hot Fusion”, “Tokamak” Reactors which in over fifty years of research (yes, that is “Five-Zero” years, over half a Century), have never shown any significant successes at all; for the untold Billions that have been spent on them over these years.

“LANL” is the premiere Physics government-sponsored Institute in the world by many accounts, it is huge in scope and has a giant budget to match: Much of which is “Black” (secret); and never published… often obscured even from the U.S. Congress. When considering the evidence of this publicly available Archive from a highly respected source, it becomes clear that our scientific Physics community now, for all practical purposes, fully accepts the existence of Zero Point Energy as “fact”. Yet, we have not been informed of this Earth-shattering information? It is very likely that if this information is publicly available, then there is other important information on these subjects that is not.

These hundreds of Papers regarding “ZPE” represent several more nails in “CoE’s” coffin. And although these Peer-reviewed Papers for all to see at LANL archives go back many years, they were only specifically discovered to exist and mentioned in the Open Source Free Energy community in 2009 ; brought to the Author’s attention in July of this year through the actions of a brave “Whistleblower” scientist and former LANL employee: This information was for the most part “hidden in plain sight”, and rarely mentioned in public discourse.

September 2009: DARPA announces new Projects to make practical use of Casmir Effect / Zero Point Energy. The linked “Scientific American” article, and other articles on the same subject, clearly state that the U.S. Defense Department’s “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” is working on ways to manifest Zero Point Energy in practical applications. This is a major news event: Not because scientists are working on new concepts; but simply because a sanctioned U.S. government-funded agency is doing so openly, on a subject that is supposedly “highly controversial” (yet, is only perceived to be so by the general public, and is actually widely accepted by scientists). When added to the above LANL Archives proofs, this is a very damning indictment that our scientific community really does now fully accept that Zero Point Energy exists. And this means that by inference, since ZPE cannot by very definition conform to the Laws of Thermodynamics, these “Laws” are invalid in these cases… which in turn proves the possibility that “Free Energy” related technologies can indeed exist.

This large nail, being pounded down by DARPA itself, is helping to seal the coffin of the supreme primacy of the Laws of Thermodynamics… And will simultaneously help free minds to the new and wonderful possibilities regarding Energy.

2008 and 2009: Dr. Claus Turtur’s Experiments Prove the Manifestation of Zero Point Energy as Physically Measurable Mechanical Energy. Professor Dr. Claus W. Turtur of the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel in Germany, has built a “motor” that can manifest Casmir Effect Zero Point Energy into measureable, physical energy. The rotor vanes spin in a vacuum, proving that ZPE can be seen as mechanical power. Dr. Turtur has written several Papers on the effects his experiments have noted, and they have not been refuted or rejected by the scientific community. His work has so far been met mainly with deafening silence: Yet it may someday prove to be of extreme importance to us all. And the above DARPA announcement would suggest that the U.S. government took notice of Dr. Turtur’s work. It is interesting to note, of the several “mainstream” artcles on the above mentioned DARPA announcement on their project to manifest ZPE, and DARPA’s site itself, none mentioned the ground-breaking work of Dr. Turtur although it was all in the Public Domain and can easily be seen via simple Internet searches…. predating the new DARPA project by years. This is not the “usual” state of affairs; and to deny giving credit to a respected scientist breaks precidence and protocol. The answer to this “oddity” is most likely this: Dr. Turtur’s work was “unwelcome”, and “inconvenient” for those who wish the Laws of Thermodynamics to remain “Sacred” in the public’s eye (which conveniently allows “Free Energy” concepts in general to go on being denied and derided as “Perpetual Motion Nonsense”).

When in the Public realm, and located overseas in a foreign nation; it is difficult to easily suppress such information coming from a respected and Tenured scientist. Therefor the usual alternative is to completely ignore it; hoping Public Awareness regarding it remains insignificant for as long as possible. For to deny it, would mean pointing additional unwanted attention to it, and required proofs are then needed: And such proofs cannot be supplied, and “false proofs” can be easily debunked in turn. So the answer in these cases is to: “Ignore and hope it goes away”. But this time, it is not going away, and the supremecy of Oil and Coal as fuels are the ones now in eventual danger of “going away” here.

Dr. Turturs fine work is yet another, very large golden nail in the coffin of the Laws of Thermodynamics being “True” in all instances… Another proof that Free Enery is indeed possible.

Blacklight Power Gains Academic Acceptance and Begins Commercial Marketing. The company Blacklight Power had an impressive year in 2009. First, starting in 2008, their technology based on plasma energy from “Hydrinos” (Hydrogen atoms with the electron sent down into a lower orbit) gained Verification of power generation in the over-unity range by Rowan University of New Jersey. Second, they signed several deals for commercializing it, and building Megawatt-sized units. Dr. Eugene Mallove had championed this technology developed by Dr. Randall Mills and his team; and had often called for greater interest regarding it from the mainstream scientific community (Dr. Mallove mentioned it in his famous “Letter to the World” which he wrote shortly before his tragic murder).

Blacklight’s system generates more power than it uses: And has conclusively proved it. This is the hammer that can heard banging away on the coffin lid of “denial” regarding the existence of free energy; burying the “Perpetual Motion” epithet for all time.

September 2009: A German Researcher shows evidence that the “Michelson-Morley Experiment” results were in Error. This year, another very interesting event happened. A man by the name of Martin Grosenick published a “You-Tube” video of his well-done replication and variant of the famous “Michelson-Morley Experiment”, which when originally done near the end of the 19th Century, were loudly used to “disprove” the existence of the “Active Aether”; and by inference, “prove” the existence of the “Empty Vacuum” concept / theory of Physics. Many of us may remember learning of these famous historical experiments in school (the original apparatus used is on display at the Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering in Cleveland, Ohio); and how Dr.’s Michelson and Morley designed the experiment in the hope of proving the existence of the “Active Aether”: A supposition that had been popular for many Centuries. But when they did not get the results expected, the failure was used to instead help end that supposition for over 100 years. Yet now that Zero Point Energy is widely accepted in the mainstream scientific community, this has in turn ended the supremacy of the “empty vacuum” theory (…whether we the Public have actually been told this or not)… And, oddly enough; returns mainstream science full-circle to the concept of an “Active Aether”. This idea of an “Active Aether” is exactly what “String”, “Quantum Field”, “Dark Matter & Dark Energy” theories imply: Whether we are specifically told this or not. And of course, energy that comes from this “Aether” cannot by definition conform to the old Conservation of Energy Laws at all.

Mr. Grosenick’s experiment differs significantly from any published ones seen to date: Instead of only measuring the photon light deflection in the “Horizontal Axis” as the original did, he also measures in the Vertical axis; rotating his device through 360 degrees. And when doing so, significant light bar deflection can be seen by the interferometers. The cleverly designed apparatus’ empirically-measured deflection also matches the predicted deflection that would exist by “Theory”; if there was in fact an “Active Aether”…. and by offsetting the device’s “angle of attack” (the actual measurement angle) by 45 degrees from the mechanical angle; he proves that the measured deflection is not an artifact of the equipment (virtually eliminating the possibilities of gravity-induced stresses; as when the device is at “45 degrees” of azimuth, the actual angle of the instrument’s measurements is at “90 degrees”, and there is no movement seen along the Horizontal plane at all.. the greatest movement is at “225 degrees Apparent” / “180 deg. Actual” (or the reciprocal); which would again follow “Aetheric Theory”; but does not follow any plausible “gravity-induced” mechanical stress profile for the equipment.

If this experiment holds-up to replication and Verification by others; this will help prove that there is indeed an “Active Aether” (or possibly point to interesting empirical proofs regarding the nature of Gravity). It is extraordinary news… but again, as with fellow-German, Professor Claus Turtur’s work; it was met with resounding silence in the U.S. mainstream scientific community, and not reported on outside of a few Internet mentions in forums. So far, apparently no Universities have openly tried to replicate this truly amazing experiment yet, which can be done at minimal cost. Why is that? This is “huge news” for the mainstream Physics community, refuting what was probably their most famous experiment of all time; yet it has apparently not even been discussed publicly at all by them.

Should this amazing data hold up to replication and third-party verification, this is the last nail in the “Laws of Thermodynamics” coffin, hammered down in the year 2009, ending the reign of these “immutable laws” for all time. Because an Active Aether, or what ever we want to now call it (“Dirac Sea”, “Quantum field” etc) has nothing to do with “CoE”, and is immune to these old “Laws”…that, it is very important to note, were only ever really “Theories” to begin with.

The Import, and Solution

No one is claiming that Newtonian Physics or the Laws of Thermodynamics are “completely wrong”. We are only stating, with proof, that they are not correct in every instance. And oddly enough, the above proofs show that the mainstream scientific community quietly agrees. But please note that it only takes one instance to prove that the laws can be “wrong”. And once this is fully understood, all the “Possibilities” regarding energy alternatives outside of the mainstream that have been ignored and derided in the past with the hackneyed old, negative epithet of “Perpetual Motion Nonsense”…. are suddenly “Possible”. And this is important to understand, because it will in fact eventually “Change Everything” regarding alternative energy research in the mainstream. Whether this incredibly important change happens “sooner”, or “later”, is still up for debate. Yet every year we delay is both a tragedy and a crime.

All information in this article can be verified as accurate; it is in the public domain (although much of it is unknown to over 99% of the population; because the mainstream media refused to report on most of these news events). Yet from previous experience, many of us strongly suspect that nothing will come of it all: Until Public Awareness grows to a point where, like with LENR / Cold Fusion in March 2009, it can no longer be plausibly denied and ignored by the government and the mainstream scientific community without their looking either utterly foolish, or corrupt. There are many possible reasons for this “deliberate ignorance” (.. perhaps more accurately termed, “suppression”), and to explore these subjects one must first understand that the result of a major sea-change in scientific understanding, publicly stated, is the first step in ending the incredible political power of “Big Oil”, the eventual end of “Coal” as a major fuel and pollutant, the lessening of the power and prestige of the monopoly private electrical Utilities, and in general, the end of the unprecedented control of every aspect of our economy by “fossil fuels”. So when “the money is followed”; it can be seen that in reality this is not a “Scientific” issue at all; but a “Political” one… and that this issue is the single most important one we face today, that directly challenges the largest, most powerful lobbies and private interest groups the world has ever seen.

But we concerned citizens of the Planet can help this information gain much greater Public Awareness, and thus “force” the issue: Reading this article and researching the information therein for yourselves is a good first step; sharing and discussing it with others is the next. Writing our Universities, asking them to honestly study energy alternatives (such as the “Rosemary Ainslie Circuit” detailed in an article linked below)… “Letting Them Know That We Know” these things are “Possible”; is another method. Contacting our elected government officials, so they can see that this information has finally reaching the masses and should be acted on because the “Plausible Deniability” regarding Energy alternatives is no longer valid, and the refusal to study these technologies important to us all increasingly appears to be highly suspicious and even “Criminal”… is yet another act that can benefit us all. In short, Grass Roots Activism is what will change this paradigm; and give us our Planet back.

We can no longer excuse, or accept the status quo regarding Energy. We are now at the point of serious, permanent jeopardy to our futures. It is not just about “profits” and “monopoly control” anymore: It is about our very existence as a species; our sacred Planet’s ability to survive and recover from the never-ending onslaught of pollution. It is about our ability to take back control of our own futures…. for the security and well being of our children and grandchildren.

Free Energy technologies do in fact exist, and they can no longer be called “Perpetual Motion Nonsense”. What is truly “nonsensical”, is continuing to allow our planet to be destroyed by the use of fossil fuels, because we cannot rid ourselves of proved-wrong, outmoded thinking patterns that refuse to accept the wonderful possibilities our future holds for us all.

Proofs That The Laws of Thermodynamics are Not Correct in All Instances (and that Free Energy is Possible and Verifiable):

L.E.N.R. / Cold Fusion Finally Gains Acceptance in the US. After 20 Years of Denial and Suppression. Various articles on the U.S. Navy’s amazing declaration in Spring, 2009 (as also seen on the CBS “Sixty Minutes” program). Energetics of Israel shows “overunity” with COP>25 .




New Energy Times, a great source for general info on L.E.N.R.


A “White Paper” by Mr. Steven Kaplan discussing the current interest level in the U.S. government for greater LENR Research, with a partial transcript of the “60 Minutes” program.


Energetics of Israel’s Website


The Los Alamos National Labs Physics Archives (hosted by Cornell University). Please do a “Search” for the term “Zero Point Energy” here. Several hundred “hits” for Peer-Reviewed Papers & Abstracts will come up; proving that mainstream science accepts ZPE, and thus the fact that “CoE” is not correct in all instances.

Main Archive:


Wikipedia “General Info” on Zero Point Energy. Humorously, the “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” epithet / psychological ploy can be seen here.


DARPA Announces New Projects to Make Practical use of Casmir Effect / Zero Point Energy. The Scientific American article and other saying the same things are but one of the many smoking guns showing that the mainstream scientific community knows beyond serious doubt that the primacy of “CoE” is forever “dead”; yet refuses to publicly say so as the “Perpetual Motion” epithet is still useful to deny and deride Free Energy technologies (… as seen again as recently as December 2009; regarding the “Steorn” company and their “e-Orbo” free energy device now being publicly Demonstrated in Dublin, Ireland).



Dr. Claus Turtur’s Experiments Proving the Manifestation of Zero Point Energy as Physically Measured Mechanical Energy. Professor Dr. Claus W. Turtur of the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel in Germany’s work proves ZPE can be manifest in the physical world. This helps prove that insisting on the “infallibility of CoE” in all cases is the real “perpetual non-sense” going on these days regarding some members of the mainstream scientific and engineering communities.

A “You-Tube” Video showing one of Dr. Turtur’s experiments:


A Scientific Paper:


Dr. Turtur’s website


Blacklight’s Plasma-based “Hydrino” Tech is Verified by Rowan U. as Overunity. The below article and Paper from Rowan University show that Blacklight has had important successes in 2009 . But what they don’t say is that the long-denied concepts of free energy are now proved possible… And what that could eventually mean for us all. Kudos to Rowan U. for being farsighted, courageous, and honest enough to take on this task despite the criticism that they risked. May many more universities finally remember their duty to Humanity and Science regarding “controversial” alternative energy technologies; and follow Rowan’s lead in 2010!

Blacklight’s Press Release from August 2009 regarding the Rowan U. Verification of “COP>6.5” overunity results. Related Scientific Papers can also be seen at the site.


Independent articles on Blacklight:



Martin Grosenick’s Michelson-Morley Experiment. This one needs public Verification and Replication by our Universities: Will they do so? Unlikely, unless “brow-beaten” into it by increased Public Awareness. From past experience, they will simply ignore it in the hope it goes away; as it raises inconvenient points and could prove to be quite an embarassment for them. It is truly sad that “Scientific Method” is not the main motivational factor in our scientific mainstream: “The Politics of Science” is. But we are hoping to be proved “wrong” here; and see this very interesting new twist on an old experiment replicated and reported on in the mainstream in 2010 .

Mr. Gruzenick’s You-Tube video:


Background general info on the original Michelson-Morley Experiments:


Additional Links of Interest

“The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit” Article: A recent public record of this successful 2009 Open Source Energy project that shows significant anomalous energy releases, manifest as excess heating of a resistive element. This circuit / effect, carefully documented and recorded by an Open Source Team with members living on three continents, is both a prime example of the power of Open Source research, and of our scientific mainstream ignoring and refusing to study “controversial” energy technologies (in this case, for over 6 years), despite significant Verification proofs laid before them. Many additional links can be found here. The Ainslie circuit, and many similar alternative energy technologies studied outside of the mainstream, can no longer be conveniently shrugged-off with the old “Perpetual Motion” epithet… That is all over now; and the plausible excuses for ignoring these technologies are gone forever.


Steorn’s Recent Release Video, which points out the mainstream media and scientific communities’ constant denials regarding the possibility that free energy exists, with irony. Their live demo of the “eOrbo” technology is currently running continuously in Dublin. Should this demo, which has so far been completely successful, remain so, this is huge news and has untold ramifications. Had you been informed about Steorn’s live demo of free energy by our mainstream media?


Steorn’s site


The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit By Steve Windisch

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  1. I stand by what I say, Perpetual motion is a fact of life. I have proven it to myself scientifically and hope to launch it in Cape Town in the near future.
    It will be called the Constant Power Wheel because that is what it is, constant in power ,constant in speed and constant period.

  2. We’re all grinding down including this universe.
    That said there’s more than enough energy…

  3. It is dangerous to make categorical statements about perpetual motion judging them to be impossible just because of past failures.
    I would just like to inform you that perpetual motion power is quite possible because I have proved it to myself by building one. It is even available for demonstration when and where ever upon appointment.

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  5. Today Steorn of Dublin, Ireland had their second Live Streamed experiment showing “overunity” of their “eOrbo” device. Next week they plan to have a 7-day long experiment also continually live streamed. Should the device continue to work flawlessly through these series of four proving experiments (as it has so far, and during the 2 week continuous period in December)… this is history in the making.

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