Tea Party groups plan strike on Obama inauguration


Sounds like a good Socialist thing to do.  Wonder if the left can join them in their general strike?  We don’t like the health care (insurance) plan either.  ~ DS

Tue, 05 Jan 2010 18:47:07 GMT

Some Tea Party groups plan to mark the anniversary of the inauguration of President Barack Obama with a national strike on January 20.

The groups are presently promoting the strike online through Facebook social network and also the websites run by Tea Party members, CBS News reported.


Some say protesting the health care reform is the strike’s explicit focus.


Another group, Patriots for America, says the strike is aimed at protesting a ballooning deficit and increased government spending.

“What’s proposed is a nationwide strike by all Tea Party members, no matter where they are,” said Lloyd Rekstad, an organizer of the Yucaipa Tea Party.

The idea is to strike where we are, in our communities, at our work, to make an impact that will be diverse and spread out, he added.


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7 thoughts on “Tea Party groups plan strike on Obama inauguration

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  2. i am in on it ! as a socialist i love this . its like the socialist partys joining in with the America first movement on the right against WW2. right on ! we have to work together in tandum and build what Nader calls ”broad based coalitions .”

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  4. More proof of why the left doesn’t get things done.
    These morons are protesting the fact that a black man is carrying on the atrocious policies of the previous war criminal in the White House by calling for a general strike, a weapon used historically to confront oppressive rulers and regimes.

    Interesting that the one thing that big business and corporations continue to deny to unionized workers, the strike, is now going to be directed by right-wing nutcases against a supposedly “socialist” president.

    The irony is sweet.

    • No kidding. I think we should join them (not sure if we are invited or not). We do share on some major issues, such as opposition to the corporate bailouts, intervention in other countries (more each week nowadays), auditing the Federal Reserve, among other issues. We need to set aside our differences and join together.

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