Keiser Report №7: Johannes Skulason and the Icelandic meltdown

January 07, 2010

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines.

This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert name the top five themes to look for in 2010: the second leg of the financial crisis; crime will continue to pay; sovereign debt crises, real wars and fake wars. Keiser also speaks to Icelandic activist Johannes G. Skulason about his campaign to thwart the efforts by the UK and Netherlands to force citizens of Iceland to pay for the crimes of their banks.


Iceland Faces New Crisis After Bill Vetoed – – Iceland can refuse debt servitude By Michael Hudson

EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way by Dr. Ellen Brown

Robert Pollin: Tax the speculators and create a public bank

Escape from Pottersville: The North Dakota Model for Capitalizing Community Banks by Dr. Ellen Brown

Recovering from Neoliberal Disaster: Why Iceland and Latvia Won’t (and Can’t) Pay the EU for the Kleptocrats’ Ripoffs by Prof. Michael Hudson

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  3. Which Atricle of the U.S. Constitution allows the Government to enslave the people threw Forced Debt?
    What Governement would put their people in such a postion ? Your debt, or their debt?
    Did Emancipation end slavery, or create the ungodly Individual, aka, corporation, aka, Inc., aka, ……. and Federalized Govt.[s] ?

    Let’s all get naked, then you’ll know if someone is friendly or not.
    Explosive specific dogs, no profiling, no human error.

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