White Power USA


January 06, 2010

Almost a year ago the inauguration of President Barack Obama was hailed as a turning point in US race relations. The country was said to be entering a new era of post-racial politics, on the path to a future of greater diversity and tolerance. But while crowds flocked to Washington to witness the swearing in, others were refusing to join the party. Racially motivated threats against Obama rose to new heights in the first months of his presidency, with the US seeing nine high-profile race killings in 2009. Meanwhile white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups claim their membership is growing and that visits to their websites are increasing. Filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen went inside the white nationalist movement to investigate.


Riz Khan – White Power USA – 6 Jan 2010 – Part 1

With the election of the Barack Obama, a failing economy and anti-immigrant sentiment on the rise, some activists are calling it the perfect storm for recruitment by racist organisations.

Supremacist groups are reportedly targeting soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as trying to become part of ‘mainstream’ conservatism by organising around the successful ‘Tea Party’ movement.

Pt 2


Updated: Oct. 8, 2014

White Power USA: The Rise of Right-Wing Militias in America

Monday, January 11, 2010

Democracy Now!
Since President Obamas election, theres been a surge in hate crimes, political murders and assassination threats in this country. Right-wing militias are on the rise in several states, and high rates of unemployment have further stoked anger against racial minorities and recent immigrants. Independent filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen go inside the white nationalist movement to file an exclusive report.




White Power USA: The Rise of Right-Wing Militias in America (Full)

UrbanFury12 on Jun 15, 2012

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  5. Racial aspects of Obama’s presidency are very complicated. I asked an acquaintance of mine why he was voting for Obama. “Because he’s black” came the answer. Obama’s blackness bolstered the PERCEPTION of progressivism in many minds, even though black progressivism is apparently a once reliable but now fast disappearing feature of the political landscape…


    …and in no way can Obama be remotely considered a progressive.
    His political career is that of a right wing corporatist dlc hack.

    Realistically, the idea that Obama’s election meant the end to racism in America was, in some ways, yet another permutation of racism, which we can call tokenism. When the implications of tokenism are laid bare, they are actually virulently racist. The success of a minority of blacks is taken as a demonstration that ‘the system’ is in fact fair, that America is in fact a meritocracy, as demonstrated by the fact that ‘worthy’ blacks do get ahead: and the underside of that theory is the perception that those who are suffering from poverty and other forms of oppression deserve it because they are inferior in various ways – and the implication of that, since black people are disproportionately poor and oppressed, is that black people are inferior.

    As a society, we are still caught tightly in the coils of racism, and the election of Obama could even be taken to tighten the coils. Had a white Democratic party politician fatuously declared that the struggle against racism was essentially Mission Accomplished, as Obama did when he threw Rev. Wright ‘under the bus’, would he or she have gotten away with this? Would George Bush have been able to expand America’s Wars Against Brown People as smoothly as Obama has done? Very very doubtful. We’ve seen this president appoint as education secretary a man who’s primary qualification for the job has been his success in crushing local school control in largely black Chicago, also attacking the largely black teachers’ union there, altering the color balance amongst teachers to the disadvantage of minorities. Where is the outrage against the racist implications of this? One can go on and on.

    White right wing racism is a real threat, and it’s important not to ignore it. But racism, like classism, takes much more monstrous forms that are right out in the open, barely disguised, and this somehow is invisible to most. Meanwhile a kind of martyrology has been forming around Obama, continuing to lend false credibility to the wholly unwarranted association between him and Martin Luther King. This was on particularly grotesque display when Obama won the Nobel Prize that MLK won, but in Obama’s case there was barely even any pretense that he actually deserved it; it was openly acknowledged that he won the prize as a symbol, not as a person.

    As a symbol, what he really symbolizes is the ultimate victory of the Consumer Culture; rather than have real progress in racial equality, we can just buy Brand Racial Equality. How long will it be before we see giant pictures of Obama throughout our society, presiding over utter ruination, much as is done in North Korea? After all, it’s apparently the symbol that matters. Give us a nice symbol and we will surrender our last, waning hopes for a just and prosperous and diverse and equal society…

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