The Zeitgeist of 2010 by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
excerpted from Open Salon Jan. 6, 2010
Jan. 12, 2010

What kind of year will 2010 be? If we tune into the energy of this year, it’s readily apparent that 2010 is a year of new beginnings, of the end of disillusionment. It’s a time of becoming, of growing as a global community, of peace and healing, of sharp endings, and gentle beginnings where the ground is ready for new shoots to come forth.

2010 is a time of potentiality. The tide of growing spirituality among common people will rise like a tsunami and overcome the nefarious plans of the ruling elites with all of the money. Money will no longer have such a hold on people as they begin to make heaven on earth by sharing and caring for each other.

The biggest shift will happen in the U.S. as people wake up to the death machine of the military complex and take a stance against it, for life, for peace, for prosperity for everyone on the planet. Visionaries will come forward with what they see is possible instead of what there is, the widespread poverty, people struggling, lack, poor health, misery, disappointment, corruption, lack of integrity, poor communication and isolation from others and the world at large.

Well, how does it begin? Does Obama issue a public apology for the many people who have been damaged by the private equity companies and banks gone amuck? Does he halt the military industry from its busybee activities training militias and building bases and developing weapons, testing, training, preparing for global war? No.

All of that becomes a sideline to what really engages people, and eventually the money, the validation, the assent, the participation in this old, old energy field of domination is withdrawn and cut off.

What happens instead is women uniting all over the world and people, both women and men, deepening their connection with each other and a new sense of identity emerging of humanity being united to create a community which sustains life on the planet and cares for the earth.

This newly forming sense of global community, of planetary stewardship, of an identity that supercedes nationality, creed and all other ways that we have used to identify ourselves and our territory, will soon prevail. This new identity will largely coalesce among young people, as it is already happening, the cohort of university age students from countries all over the world.

People are being drawn to live in communities. Many will model these new energies and people will ground the energies of the communities with ceremony, music, and eating. 2010 will be a year of laughter and excitement as people start coming together more and more and more, helping each other, working on projects together.

People in the United States will start fanning out all over the world, both the generation that is retiring and the young generation of high school and university students in exchange study programs, as well as people seeking employment and bringing technology and training to people of developing countries.

Also there will be a sense of Asia emerging, of the Eastern Hemisphere moving into a place of balance with the Western, of feminine power rising, and this will result in collective business arrangements between people of many countries, new networks forming… and all of these will burgeon and carry great potency, becoming like great trees to provide hope and new life to people on earth.

Kindness will begin to have more value this year. The ones who are kind will find many friends and people will be grateful and respect the ability to be kind. The other side of this is that people will not respect greed the way that they have done in the past, nor will they consider great wealth an accomplishment, but rather will be more concerned with the people who were harmed, exploited or cheated in the life of the people who have gained much wealth and power. A subtle shift, perhaps, but it will have noticeable impact on global affairs when this shift in values occurs.

We will find it hearts to move out of the relationships that do not sustain us. It takes courage, but people will move into alignment with others who truly appreciate them and little energy will be spent any longer on destructive patterns that keep people from reaching their full potential.

People will stop limiting the possibilities of what they can achieve in their life as they reach outside of their present family and circles to find others like themselves who live, perhaps, in other places. There may be a great deal of moving around and trying new things in 2010.

Many, many people all over the world will find the confidence in themselves to pursue their true interests, even if it’s just planting a tree and nurturing it, or growing tomatoes or writing poetry, lighting candles and prayers, walking in the woods and seeing the spring wildflowers, looking at the stars and thinking of the ancestors, seeing the stones along their path and communicating more with animals, trees, plants, wind, rivers, clouds, seas, finding their place in nature.

More people will be having more encounters with the spirit world and sharing these experiences with others. There will be a great opening to the full field of what is possible, of magical connections. And this will be monitored to make it safe for people to have these experiences without fear of malevolent beings or predators coming in. As those who are ready will have more and more encounters with nature spirits, they will also receive messages from ancestors who will provide guidance, and meet people who will open their horizons.

As people are willing to wake up to other worlds, more and more people will remember their dreams. And there will be a recognition that sleeping is not only a gateway to dreams, but to other worlds where experiences happen with their own validity, even in this shared reality. The nature of our shared reality is shifting, and in that growing awareness of who we are and what we are capable of achieving, the shared reality will morph and take on a vitality and strength that will eviscerate the old energy patterns of war and conflict.

The energy given to old patterns of conflict will be consciously altered. Resources will be deliberately reallocated in a process of transition. The U.S. will no longer be dominant, but take its place as one of many other countries. This will happen not through conquest in war, but through pressure from newly strengthened alliances of other countries, who will offer trade and involvement in other kinds of collaborative business, culture and education projects in exchange for reducing the military threat the U.S. now poses.

There will be councils of women in the U.S. who will be prime movers in nurturing the new connections with people all over the world. Global networks will start networking with other global networks to bring about these changes as well. The voice of the many will roar and be heard as the collective desires of common people will override the will of the overlords, who will find that they no longer wish for such dominance or destruction as they begin to feel more love moving in their lives. The healing will begin, much like leaves coming out on the branches of trees in the spring, everywhere.

People who are far richer than others will begin to be seen as the sickest in the society who are in great need of healing, not as the most well-off. Individuals or families who have amassed huge wealth will be pitied for their deep spiritual problems and given assistance to address them.

No longer will the wealthy or powerful of the past be given assent to do whatever they want. That collective agreement is being broken. And in its place people will arrive at an agreement that decision making which affects everyone must be reached through processes that involve everyone. And the resources of the earth will be shared, not hoarded.

A conscious transition process will be undertaken away from systems of tremendous inequality, exploitation of others and natural resources, to more and more equality and freedom, as well as conscious collaboration in finding the best solutions that will provide a good quality of life for everyone and also sustain and nurture the life of the planet.

2 thoughts on “The Zeitgeist of 2010 by Ariel Ky


    Hait’s most recent massive trauma invites this shift as my heart races to their need, my mind envisioning globally cooperative “know-how” re-creating conditions harmonious with the natural physics of the area.

    The “national houses” of many countries have also fallen and what remains is human talent and willingness to create anew. The need for “picking the bones” of what is no longer of value is a worthless investment of feelings and ideas.

    Ariel Ky has spoken well for how I am seeing and feeling. We need more “journalists” like Ariel Ky and “The Other Katherine Harris.” Inspiration transcends competition and cerebral critiquing every time!


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