Fighting extremists who will take away our freedom by Roland Michel Tremblay

Roland Michel Tremblay

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By Roland Michel Tremblay
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Marginal
14 January 2010

I’m not talking about religious fanatics, extreme right republicans or conservatives, suicide bombers, who will destroy all that we stand for. There are other extremists we need to fight against. They are brainless, you could not hope to make them understand reason, they’re a real threat. There’s a need to fight these extremists fighting against cruelty for children, animals and the environment. They’ve crossed the line, they’ve gone too far, they’ve become huge bureaucracies, they’re totally out of their mind.

How could we have predicted it? We bought two tortoises, they made babies, we sold a few of them to a lunatic who wanted more. So much so, if we did not sell our remaining babies to him, he would contact the society protecting these animals. It wasn’t legal to sell them yet, and so now, from the fruit of such blackmail, we are fighting for our reputation and our freedom against the fighters against cruelty for animals.

We’re fighting for our life and the future of our children. One call was all it took, and it cannot be reversed once the complaint has been made. Assuredly now it leads to Court. Who would have thought it was that easy to destroy anyone?

I can only imagine what it would be, if instead we were now fighting to convince all authorities that we treat our children to such perfection, one day they will all become Presidents and Prime Ministers of our countries. But now it is too late, we’re being sued, our baby tortoises will never amount to anything in this world. But how I suddenly understand how any parent must feel as soon as the first moron decides to criticize how we raise our own children, whilst we thought we were, and perhaps we are, the best parents in the world.

I can assure you, we are animal lovers, we love our animals so much, we forego buying ourselves any food until the end of the month, to ensure all our animals can eat to their heart’s content. They’ve got great habitats, they’re happier than we could ever hope to be ourselves, because we sacrifice so much for their happiness. And never will we stand in their way, of what they decide to do with their own existence in the future. They’re our babies!

But too much proteins (what, you’re not vegetarians yet? That’s a crime right there!), and too many animals within one small apartment, could spell disaster for us all, once someone makes a complaint. Didn’t you know it was possible to feed your children all the wrong things, when is it last time they had a bag of chips/crisps? Didn’t you know it would bring you to prison?

I can tell you that the world of animal breeders is so ugly and disgusting, they are all enemies dying in jealousy and threats, they’re all at each others throats, as if only they were perfection reincarnated and should be selling their babies to the rest of the planet, when there’s plenty of people willing to buy all these babies, but only their babies should stand up to the world.

We’ve been accused of just about everything. Now we’re actually Eastern Europeans importing illegal children into the country, for slavery. It’s so ridiculous. But this is a witch hunt, anything will do, any argument, and all these accusations will now need to be investigated thoroughly, and in the end the charges will have nothing to do with such idiocy, it will be real, it will mean prison. This is an angle I never considered before.

Let’s face it, how perfect are you, in bringing to the world your fantastic children, your string of pets within your household, a whole bunch of animals on your farm, or those poor trees on your few acres of land? I could send an inspector tomorrow morning in your house or your estate, with the most basic accusations you could think of, and these extremists would still find something wrong with how you go about your life.

The authorities will never give up, they will always find something wrong with how you treat your children, your animals, your trees. You’ll end up with such a large legal bill, never could you hope to be able to repay it within your lifetime. And all it takes is one phone call, out of spite, of someone who just didn’t like you. Because, who knows, you failed to return their call?

You’re not worried yet about how extreme these organizations have become, the ones protecting our children and our animals, until the very day someone, anyone, any stranger, will denounce you for what you are not, with a pack of lies, about how cruel you really are toward your children and your animals. This is when you will understand how your innocent donation to such organizations in the past was such a big mistake.

You will quickly realize that such organizations, supposed to protect us, can so quickly turn against us with all their almighty powers. You better believe it. They appear to have unlimited funds, unlimited access to the best lawyers, to the best expert witnesses, who will tell the Court just how bad you are as a parent or a pet owner, when truly there is no such thing, when truly it is all lies or ludicrous charges.

But they certainly will convince a whole Court, they can always find something wrong with what you are doing, you could never possibly imagine what. You cannot be perfect, if you were, my God, you would be Jesus-Christ. And no one ain’t Jesus-Christ. Everyone will judge you and destroy you, as soon as they can get you under that microscope.

Have you been too hard on your children lately? Too strict? Have you obliged them to become doctors or engineers when they only wanted to become artists or nothing? How many animals have you got? If more than three, do you have a three floor mansion and a huge garden for them to run into? Do you walk them at least five times a day? And what exactly do you feed your children? Do they get 25 vegetables a day, no French fries, and certainly no hamburgers? You stand to lose it all. You could go to prison. You could end up with a bill of thousands, that you could never possibly repay.

Oh yes, there’s always something wrong with how you raise your children, we can always find something wrong with how you treat your pets, and my God, are you sure you recycle to the extent you should? What about that small plastic bit that came out of that microwavable thingy you feed your kids? My God, do you intend to feed that to your children?

If we listen to these mad people pretending they know everything about how to raise children and animals, we’re lost. I’m sure you have nothing to hide, just like us, we have nothing to hide. And yet, never let them come in and have a look around, I can assure you they will somehow find something utterly wrong with how you go about life. They’re only there to gather evidence against you, they’re not your friends. Only open the door if they come with the Police and a valid warrant. Let’s see if they will go that far.

I understand that these days nobody cares about entering your home without a warrant, we’ve experienced that too, I won’t say more. And then, I’m not sure what else we can do to protect ourselves against such righteous lunatics. No authorities or so-called authorities respect any civil right any longer, you better keep that in mind.

There’s a real need to start fighting the extremists fighting against cruelty for children, animals and the environment, as they will not listen to reason. They will not any longer simply fight the most extreme cases that should truly justify their existence. They will prejudge you without any proof or evidence, and will not give up until it reaches the Court. And by then your life has been turned upside down and you might as well commit suicide. Never could you recover from such accusations.

It’s not like we have the time and the money to fight against defamation, whether it is slander or libel. It’s not like we’ve been raised thinking we should immediately sue anyone stating anything that is not true about us. Right? But then, it ends up in Court anyway, because those so-called protectors of the world will not give up, they will distort everything you say, everything you do, until there’s nothing left of you.

Never again should you give them a donation. These charities have grown to gigantic proportions, if they are not already government sponsored, or the government themselves. They are structured exactly like any profitable corporation. They have unlimited funds and resources, they don’t need any more money, they will sue you without good cause until you drown. I’m never going to give any money to any society pretending to help children, animals and the environment, not when these donations are only used to destroy genuine and willing citizens who only wish to do well in the world in the first place.

They’ve grown beyond belief, it is no longer the extreme and obvious cases that they are fighting, they’re fighting everything and everyone to justify their very existence. It has become a witch hunt where any unreasonable evidence, any meaningless thing you might have said, will be used in a Court of law against you, to ensure you lose your children and your animals, and go to prison for a very long time, at the slightest and unjustified accusation from any of your enemies, disgruntled customer, or your friend who suddenly turned against you for an unrelated reason.

If you’re still itching to give your money as donations, you should consider helping the people fighting such organizations, as soon as you can fairly established that they are not guilty of what they are being accused of, or that what they are accused of is truly meaningless compared with the more extreme cases of cruelty against children, animals and the environment.

Learn to feel good about not donating anything to anyone anymore, until you have truly assessed where it goes and what are the real consequences. Feel free to quote me on that.

We’re all reasonable people, we all have a brain, we all go about life in a certain way, with the best intentions possible, circumstances allowing. There is no need to become extreme in this world, there is no need to become extremists about anything.

Remember that next time you plan such perfection and such a righteous world to live in for us all. You can easily cause more trouble and annihilate this very world than you thought. There are all sorts of extremists in this world, we will fight and denounce them all until we are rid of them, just like with any witch hunt.


“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”
Roland Michel Tremblay, Poet for Human Rights

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