Glen Ford: US set Haiti up for disaster

January 15, 2010

In addition to the obvious problems Haiti faces recovering from this week’s earthquake, the country suffers from a lack of civil society and a respected government. Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says that the effects of Haiti’s history continue to play out in the recovery effort.


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2 thoughts on “Glen Ford: US set Haiti up for disaster

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  2. How condescending the interviewer. Mister Ford’s views and observations are absolutely correct and bring to light how the overal American foreign policy apparatus is geared towards larger American multinational corporations. The culprit once again is the “personhood” of corporations, concentrated wealth and the world oligarchy.

    Mister Ford’s statement that national disasters will happen, but how they are respond to via the political process is very enlightening,

    Fidel Castro has written about the Hiatian disaster. He notes that Cuba has trained hundreds of Haitian medical personal, and has returned them to Haiti, and continues to train more. This is doing more good for Haiti currently during the disaster than most relief efforts and more tfor the country overall than the US has done in centuries of misguided foreign policy towards Haiti and the rest of the Americas.

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