We Afghans shall live in peace someday

Afghan youth release ‘doves’ in support of World March for Peace
photo by Hakim in Afghanistan


January 19, 2010


On Martin Luther King’s Day this 18th of Jan, after fasting for 2 short days, in solidarity with Witness Against Torture’s 12 day fast for the prompt closing of Guantanamo Bay Prison, a few Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers gathered in a mud house on an Afghan winter night, to have a heart-to-heart conversation with members of the Witness Against Torture and later, with friends from Landmark Education Olympia facilitated by Dr Dennis Mills of Capella University.

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Post Traumatic Stress is an Order of Conscience that can save humanity

I can tell the story of a war in which I lost my brother…‎in front of me, before my eyes.. they shot him, with a Kalashnikov.‎


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