The Sellout on Health Care is Now Complete by Sean Fenley

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by Sean Fenley
Dandelion Salad
The Anything and Everything
Jan. 24, 2010

In comes Mr. Brown, this year’s version of Mitt Romney to save the day for the corporatist forces of evil and mayhem! Not that single-payer or the original public option, for that matter were ever seriously considered. The conciliator in chief is already squeaking and murmuring that the reform er belated Christmas present to the for profit health ’system’, needs to be scaled back! Where was this sixty votes when the vile Dubya was in power? I suppose Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln and all the rest of them, probably went along with a lot of his agenda (they are more ideological allies of someone like Bush than a lefty or progressive). But, then again, I don’t have much use for terms like a so-called liberal or progressive Democrat, or a Blue Dog or conservative one.

The sellout was set in motion back in the Democratic Primary, when Dennis Kucinich was the only candidate to firmly support single payer coverage. And he, of course, had to be stricken from most of the debates, and asked all sorts of silly questions about UFOs and other manner of inquiries reserved for the ‘lunatics’ (those of us who are well aware we could come down with something and thusly be left uninsurable and even quite sadly be forced to die in the streets!). The ‘liberal’ Democrats idea of a ‘far left’ position was ‘universal’ and not single payer coverage. Universal, at that time, the naive of us might not have thought, was just code for what the Republican Mitt Romney introduced in Massachusetts; forcing one (or a family) to buy health insurance, like one already has to do, in most states, for their cars. This malarkey about Obama feeling for his mother when she was arguing, with cancer, on the phone with the voracious health insurance predators, clearly, was just a bunch of B.S.! It was probably cooked up by one of these creeps like David Axelrod, Plouffe, or Rahm Emanuel.

Instead of changing that horrific scenario that Obama described his mother as experiencing, Obama wanted to bring that to everyone; to each and every American! Hope (and change?)! Your very own ‘right’ to be denied services that you’ve been assiduously paying for! I guess it’s at least better than simply dying which is what people with less money than Obama’s mother did in George W. Bush’s America (and still do to my knowledge considering there has not yet been any ‘reform’ of health care in this country). At least a premature death will take one out of one’s misery of having to deal with a health care ’system’ that WHO ranks between those of Slovenia and Costa Rica! I wonder where the WHO ranks our nuclear weapons arsenal? Certainly, I’d think it, superior to their’s?

A major thing the MSM won’t mention (of course, there are too many to name but here’s one that I’ll throw on to the fire) is I think in the U.S. electoral system a lot of what we see is the lesser evil changing. For those of us on the left the choice is clear, hold our nose and vote for the Dim, stay home, or register a protest vote for a third party. For most Americans who don’t live and breathe this stuff, however, the lesser evil changes; based upon what they see one party or the other doing (or not doing). The MSM wants to, of course, keep up the facade that this nation is a democracy, when it is definitely minimally a form of soft fascism, if not outright complete, absolute, and total dictatorship. Of course, even before the insidious Brown’s election, the bill we were getting was little more than a boondoggle, but the United States will remain the only ‘advanced’ country (not that I think the United States is one of them) without guaranteed universal health coverage. Not that the Democrats ever were doing much of anything to change that, but had there been a real bill for people and and not rapacious health insurance ‘providers’, we undoubtedly would have seen the towel thrown in on that also.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, blogger, and freelance writer. He has been published by such websites as,, and, among other online journals and publications. He would like to see the end the dictatorial duopoly of the so-called two-party, adversarial system. He would also like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future U.S. military, economic, foreign, and domestic policies. If you’d like to reach him, you can contact him via email at: Visit his blog, The Anything and Everything.


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  5. Yeah, I didn’t mean to dis believers in UFOs, I think there are some weird things in our skies (or at least many have seen them, though I haven’t). I don’t know what they are, but that’s what UFOs are, of course, unidentified flying objects. It’s not like you’re hearing voices in your head or something, haha.

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