Haiti and the ‘Devil’s Curse’


January 25, 2010

While everyone piles on Pat Robertson, the rest of the mainstream media is making the same basic error, attributing Haiti’s misery to the supernatural. Thus avoiding any discussion of the true history of Haiti, which demonstrates the role of foreign intervention in bringing about Haiti’s poverty and political instability.

Danny Glover, Peter Hallward, and Anthony Fenton give their take on Haiti’s true history. For more visit http://www.therealnews.com.


Bill Moyers Journal:  Hope for Haiti + Obama’s first year + US needs a new energy policy

The siege of Haiti by Rachel Cohen and Alan Maass

7 thoughts on “Haiti and the ‘Devil’s Curse’

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  2. Voodoo clergy apprehended Pat Robertson’s devil squad on the Haitiano-Dominican border stealing Haitian children.
    The devils were apprehended. Details of the incident will be recorded by historians.

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  6. Supernatural assessment of a nation or empire may be in accurate , but that does not mean that supernatural assessent of a nation or empire should not be considered .
    when the Romans were sacked in 410 A.D. by Alalaric and the Visigoths , the Romans blamed the Christians for dishonering the gods and not doing military service. they thought that the gods took away their protection from Rome for that. the Assessment of a metaphysical kind was inaccurate. that is why St.Augustine wrote his masterpeice ”The City of God ” , in order to try and bring into focus a linear view of history , and how the romans fit into it , and their failure in the light of a metaphysical backdrop .
    in regards to Haiti , one has to look at both the metaphysical problems along with its tragic history . setting up an either/or history or supernatural cause and effect is compartmentalizing the paradigm instead of seeing the whole of the moon .

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