Howard Zinn: Obama’s first 100 days and more (2009)

In loving memory to Howard Zinn, one of DS’s most well known Featured Writers.  He will be deeply missed.

The first part talks about Obama’s 1st 100 days, but the other parts go into many different topics, including activism, education, and of course, history.

Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
January 28, 2010

On May 2nd, 2009, the International Socialist Organization invited Dave Zirin sitdown and interview renowned historian Howard Zinn.


Pts 2-6






Rest in Peace Howard Zinn by Cindy Sheehan

Obama at One by Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn: The Promise of Change: Vision and Reality in Obama’s Presidency (2009)

Howard Zinn: Myths of the Good Wars (Three ‘Holy’ Wars) (must-see)

17 responses to “Howard Zinn: Obama’s first 100 days and more (2009)

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  9. There was this penetrating glow when he was alive. Somehow it’s still there, more than ever.

    If only all bombers could reconcile this way, teach us what we innately know.

    Thank you DS for bringing so much to us.

    Please people Peace.

    • Natureboy!!!! So wonderful to see you here again, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been. Well, I do hope.

      Zinn’s legacy will be great; his work and efforts for peace will continue! I’ve turned my son on to his work, and other parents will do the same.

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