Israel: The Politics of Faith and a Land of Conflict

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Day of Discovery

Israel & The Politics of Faith

In 1948, the United Nations gave the land of Israel back to the Jewish people. Many people believe this act marked the beginning of God’s end-times plan. If Israel’s statehood is the direct fulfillment of promises and prophecies found in the Bible, should followers of Christ stand with the nation while waiting for the Messiah to return? How should we relate to the state of Israel? Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung learn more about what happens when faith and politics collide.

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Part II

Followers of Jesus in a Land of Conflict

What kind of kingdom did Jesus come to establish? In the land of the Bible, where He once walked, political and ethnic conflict is still a part of everyday life. What happened to Jesus’ mission to bring peace to the world? Hosts Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung travel to this global hotspot and meet Christians of both Arab and Jewish descent. Hear what they have learned about the true kingdom of God.

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Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More?

And They Crucified Him by Art Katz

Jewish Marxist Atheist has vision of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)

24 thoughts on “Israel: The Politics of Faith and a Land of Conflict

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  23. right on frank . that says it all.
    we must see Israel the way old man Simeon in the gospel of Luke did . there were 2 types of messianics at the time of Christ. one was the Zealots trying to force God’s hand , and the others were called ”the waiters”. Simeon was one of the latter. he refused , just like Anna to accept a ”lesser consolation ” of a political answer , and waited for the ”greater consolation ” of that which came down from heaven . that is why he recognized in the cry of a baby ( jesus ) the true messiah .
    he could hear the cry because he had shut out the clammer of the lesser consolation of the zealots.

    fast forward. today we have all these christian zionists zealots running around . they cant hear the voice of God because they are supporting a state — Israel , that is not the true Israel of God . and it shows . they are not ruling in righteousness because the love of God is not in them . they are oppressors. no wonder these american christian zionist zealots support them. they create them in their own image and are hung up in manifest destiny they way america was founded.

    everyone is missing the boat. ”the kingdom of heaven does not come with signs to be observed , but is within you ”.

  24. The final judgement of Jerusalem was in AD 70. Today there is neither jew nor gentile, bond nor free, male nor female. We are all one in Christ.

    The nation now called Israel is not the “Israel of God”. Zionism is built upon a major heresy. Our Lord deals with all alike. The blood of Christ cleanest us from all sin. Not the blood of animals nor the pleading of a high priest.

    Christ abolished the ordinances once for all. Praise God he has a people from all kindreds, tribes and nation.

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