Self-ownership vs. Self-management

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January 20, 2010

“Self-ownership”: A concept invented to obscure the lack of worker control & the earthly destruction brought by such materialistic notions

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4 thoughts on “Self-ownership vs. Self-management

  1. OK, I’ve tried ‘The Take’, but what with extended unemployment benefits, most americon consumerist McMysterymeat sucking slobs will sit tight and rest on their fat like good amerigoons.

    There are indeed the good workers, invariably first-generation immigrants (as all once were, now give it back! and PAY BACK, donate fat to the rebellion, former Slaves of Haiti and elsewhere…) to whom my heart and equity goes out, the most talented, un-corrupted and hard-working.

    I say this to every worker: FORGET ABOUT “JOBS JOBS JOBS”. It’s a joke. You will be PLAYED.

    Don’t let the feds take from your payroll. Don’t let the man own your hours.

    Each and every worker has the RIGHT to be a company and play the game, bill what the market will bear PLUS what you individually offer as PREMIUM. Register as a DBA, bill your services as a legitimate independent contractor, write off your expenses in full (as in every single one!).

    DO NOT let them make you a WAGE SLAVE!

    Tea Birthers, you got complaints? Work for your self!

    • Thanks for your commentary, Natureboy (minus the name calling, of course). Excellent point about working for yourself, we need to restart our local economies, that’s the future.

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  3. A company where the employees have an interest[will protect and produce more] in the company, than a company[bank owned] that disrespects, and neglects the engines[employees] that allows the company’s growth. Thus it fails to meet the “expatations” of the BANK, so the disgruntled hourly’s, and middle management are pink slipped.
    Many Unions are good, only one Union is BAD.
    Beware of that of which U ask, for U may recieve it, for it will be less than U expect, memberss.

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