Plan to oust Saddam drawn up two years before the invasion

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By Michael Savage, Political Correspondent
The Independent
Monday, 1 February 2010

A secret plan to foster an internal coup against Saddam Hussein was drawn up by the Government two years before the invasion of Iraq, The Independent can reveal.

Whitehall officials drafted the “contract with the Iraqi people” as a way of signalling to dissenters in Iraq that an overthrow of Saddam would be supported by Britain. It promised aid, oil contracts, debt cancellations and trade deals once the dictator had been removed. Tony Blair’s team saw it as a way of creating regime change in Iraq even before the 9/11 attack on New York.


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One thought on “Plan to oust Saddam drawn up two years before the invasion

  1. Kinda like how they are trying to soften up Iran by promoting dissenters – be sure, this same info will come out about the ‘reform’ movement in Iran in a few years, after no one cares anymore, after all those who pointed out the ominous Color Coup indications were shouted down … not that there isn’t a very strong and genuine and actually overwhelming desire for reform in Iran – apparently there is – but as other Color Coups have demonstrated a coopted and manipulated reform can be worse than no reform.

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