Over 64,000 British Tamils say yes to Tamil Eelam

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1 February 2010

Press Release

The British Tamil Diaspora overwhelmingly endorsed the principle of Tamil Eelam in two days of polling this weekend. With over 64,000 votes cast, over 99% voted in favour of an independent and separate state of Tamil Eelam.

British Tamils were asked if they endorsed the principles contained in the Vadukkoddai Resolution that was first put to a democratic mandate in 1977. In that historic election the Tamil polity in Sri Lanka voted overwhelmingly for an independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam in the traditional Tamil homelands.

At the final count on Sunday night 64,692 votes were cast with 64,256 (99.33%) endorsing the Resolution and 185 (0.29%) against. 251 (0.39%) votes were spoilt.

Polling took place in sixty-five booths across London and in major towns and cities throughout the UK.

The historic poll was organised by the Tamil National Council, a body representing several UK Tamil organisations, and overseen and officiated over by independent observers, including several serving councillors and members of parliament. Despite unexpected turnouts in certain areas, officials reported that the voting ran very smoothly.

The British mandate follows similar polls across Europe and in Canada. It is part of a global event in which Eelam Tamils across world are being asked to mandate an independent Tamil Eelam. In the history of state formation processes, this global mandate is a historic first.

The results were announced to invited guests at the Tamil Referendum Night organised by the Tamil National Council and held at the Park Lane Hotel on the Piccadilly, London. Tamil activists, journalists, parliamentarians and councillors were gathered in the Ball Room while votes were counted by officials in an adjacent room overseen by independent observers.

All Tamil Britons, over the age of 18, were eligible to vote. Polling stations reported that voters of all ages – some who had voted back in 1977 and others born and raised in Britain – came out in their thousands to partake in democracy.

The global mobilisation for Tamil nationhood continues.

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