Keiser Report №14: Why is the US threatening China, Russia and Iran? + John Perkins

February 04, 2010

This time Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at the scandals behind Hank Paulson’s memoir allegations, Hilary Clinton’s threats to cut China’s energy supply, and Barack Obama’s big, big budget. Keiser also talks to former economic hitman John Perkins about whether or not the United States is now being attacked by economic hitmen.

Keiser Report №14: Markets! Finance! Scandal! (on vodpod)


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7 thoughts on “Keiser Report №14: Why is the US threatening China, Russia and Iran? + John Perkins

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  5. The point about France is amazing – I wondered why France was so hot to go after Iran, but I’m still surprised by the naked self interest of it – Iran wants to build a nuclear energy industry and France apparently thinks it owns that field.

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