The Writing on the Wall + Stone Marbles

Afghans desire peace whatever the walls

February 05, 2010

Please watch how Afghans in Kabul desire peace so much they’d scribble it on the walls.‎

I was in Kabul recently and as I was passing by the high, barbed-wire walls surrounding the Ministry of ‎Finance, I noticed the deep wishes of Afghans graffiti-ed on the grey walls, declaring : ‎

Peace is happiness

Peace for security

Peace is mutual respect

Peace is friendship

Peace is our hope

Peace is our desire.‎

I couldn’t capture all the graffiti in time, but need we demand more Afghan graffiti to prove their desperate ‎desire for peace, while the world gets un-imaginatively stuck in the tiring idea that bombs and bullets can meet ‎the needs of their hearts?‎
‎ ‎
Transcript of Video

For those who would remember Afghanistan

Dont just remember its ruins

Remember the writing on its walls saying, Peace for security‎

And most of all, remember her people

Afghans who want to make human contact with others

Radio : I want to speak more to my daughter but telephone expenses are high‎

Afghan wall wish: Peace is good fortune

Afghans declare on the walls : Peace is happiness

And most of all, remember her people‎

Afghans who wish it so much theyll write it on the walls : Peace is our desire


How we would want Afghan children to play or cry

January 30, 2010


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  4. The sole occupation of US abroad is to shed blood until we bring total control to the world. The wars also, let us not forget, will also be leveled against the people at home (taxes,surveillance,prisons,military deaths and injuries).
    Read the the prophetic George Orwell for more insights into empires.

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