Report: Israeli warships on way to Persian Gulf

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Sun, 07 Feb 2010 07:48:11 GMT

As Israel keeps threatening the regional countries with war, Egyptian maritime sources say the Israeli navy has deployed two missile ships to the Persian Gulf.

Citing the sources, Yediot Ahronot reported Saturday that two Israeli missile ships passed through the Suez Canal en rout to the Red Sea on Thursday morning.

The sources said the ships are expected to reach the Persian Gulf within the next four days.

According to the report, Cairo adopted tight security measures to ensure the safe passage of the Israeli ships through the canal.

The waterway, which had not previously been used by Israeli vessels for intelligence reasons, was traversed for the first time in June 2009 when a Dolphin-class submarine (a nuclear German-made submarine) reportedly sailed from the Mediterranean to reach military exercises in the Red Sea.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Israeli warships on way to Persian Gulf

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  3. And even if this is all just fantastically reckless bluster, it’s still a war crime. It’s illegal and just plain wrong to use threats of war to advance policy.

  4. The ‘lesson’ Obama learned from Bush is don’t even try to make a case for war. Just ratchet up the noise over time until everyone becomes used to the fact that war is inevitable. There doesn’t have to be any credible why. It just is. And then just do it.

    Of course, Bush started this process over the course of his last term – he apparently was fully capable of learning that lesson from himself. Who says W couldn’t learn?!

    Anyway, it’s tragic to watch the course of war unfold over and over and over;…

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