Dennis Kucinich: Don’t Subsidize Childhood Obesity – Revoke tax breaks for junk food advertising

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Feb 9, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement after First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new effort to combat childhood obesity:

“I support the First Lady’s ambitious efforts to combat childhood obesity. During childhood, we develop the eating habits and preferences that can drive our food choices for the rest of our lives. We need to ensure that families can make their own decisions about their diet, without the manipulative influence of the highly profitable and sometimes predatory junk food industry.

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Chris Hedges: Democrats and Republicans watched over corporate rape of US

Chris Hedges

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

with Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad

RT on Feb 13, 2010

American journalist and Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges told RT the United States has developed a new form of corporate totalitarianism.

“We have to break the back of the consumer economy,” Hedges said. “70 percent of our economy is driven by consumption. We have to cripple our money flow to the extent that we can build a popular movement that counters the corporate rape of the country that is furthered both by the Democrats and the Republicans – the better off we’ll be. Many people are disillusioned by Obama and quite rightly so. But whether that means that they will take the active step to step outside the system and to fight, that is unknown.”

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Time to ban this health threat: Leaf blowers By Shepherd Bliss

By Shepherd Bliss
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 9, 2010

Pretty Fall Leaves
photo by Dandelion Salad

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‘‘Avoid using leaf blowers and other dust-producing equipment to cut down particulate matter,” recommends the California Air Resources Board. Why?

Simply put, leaf blowers kill. “Approximately 65,000 premature deaths from cardiopulmonary causes may be attributable to particulate air pollution each year,” according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. That’s only people. Leaf blowers also kill bees, butterflies, insects, plants and wildlife. They are hazardous to human health and to the ground itself.

Also known as debris blowers, these industrial machines explode and then fire up at more than 100 mph hour and kick up chemicals, fungi, spores, animal fecal matter, molds, diesel soot, allergens and other toxic substances. They combine to compose deadly particulate matter.

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Michael Hudson: Obama’s Republican Class War Presidency (must-listen)

Interview with Michael Hudson
Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter


February 3, 2010

“Obama’s Republican Class War Presidency” with financial economist, Michael Hudson, on Obama’s State of the Union Speech and its economic consequences.  The reappointment Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke.

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It Is Now Official: The U.S. Is A Police State + Paul Craig Roberts on Russia Today

Updated: added video

By Paul Craig Roberts
February 09, 2010 “Information Clearing House

Americans have been losing the protection of law for years. In the 21st century the loss of legal protections accelerated with the Bush administration’s “war on terror,” which continues under the Obama administration and is essentially a war on the Constitution and U.S. civil liberties.

The Bush regime was determined to vitiate habeas corpus in order to hold people indefinitely without bringing charges. The regime had acquired hundreds of prisoners by paying a bounty for “terrorists.” Afghan warlords and thugs responded to the financial incentive by grabbing unprotected people and selling them to the Americans.

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To Tea Or Not To Tea by Joel S. Hirschhorn

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by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 9, 2010

As a long term, proud political dissident and rebel I have had some admiration for the national tea party movement.  I welcome all that shakes up and reforms our dysfunctional political system.  But in the end I find far too much distasteful about what these people embrace to participate in or support it.

I have been especially disappointed with their lack of interest in reforming the American political system through a third political party.  Sometimes tea party people say they are fed up with both major parties, but they keep supporting Republicans.  As if this will put people in Congress who would actually act as independents and work courageously to enact true, deep reforms.  Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich: Medicare for All, the Idea Whose Time Has Come + Take Action

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Feb 8, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today sent a letter to President Obama commending him for calling for new ideas and a renewed discussion about health care reform. Kucinich requested that supporters of Medicare for All be represented at the upcoming February 25 health care summit.

“I hope you will invite a representative of the community that is advocating for the only health care that has consistently proven to address each of the criteria you have outlined for a satisfactory health care plan: Medicare for All,” wrote Kucinich.

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Dennis Kucinich and Glenn Greenwald: Assassinating Americans + Corporate Money + Moonlighting CIA Operatives

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Democracy Now!
Feb. 9, 2010

Obama Administration: US Forces Can Assassinate Americans Believed to Be Involved in Terrorist Activity

The Obama administration has acknowledged it’s continuing a Bush-era policy authorizing the killing of US citizens abroad. The confirmation came from Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair in congressional testimony last week. Blair said, “Being a US citizen will not spare an American from getting assassinated by military or intelligence operatives overseas if the individual is working with terrorists and planning to attack fellow Americans.” We speak to Rep. Dennis Kucinich and blogger and attorney Glenn Greenwald.

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Double Doom Deflected: McCainiac & Sarah Sycophant By Robert S. Becker

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By Robert S. Becker
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 9, 2010

I never trusted John McCain because he never struck me as stable or principled – plus his grasp of ideas and facts fluctuated like glare off water.  My judgment focused not on his positions per se, nor successful charade to seem less Republican than his rightwing voting record proves.  For years, he parlayed his mavericky shtick, though on a pinhead of issues, until caving hard to extremist leverage, fully visible this season.

Never has he wavered from shoot-first, jingoistic belligerence, using one bad neo-con war to launch another, and another.  This never-say-die brawler would refight (and lose) Vietnam again.  Still, it made sense that he took the GOP nomination, for those goofy rivals made McCain look nearly-normal: the craven panderer Romney or heart-felt fundamentalist Huckabee, the ex-minister more deep-fried, born-again than W. ever was.

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