Why oppose the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? + Canada’s Olympic crackdown




The Olympic Resistance Network has called for a convergence to protest the Vancouver Winter Olympics. This video explains some the reasons why these activists have organized the first ever anti-Olympic summit.


Canada’s Olympic crackdown

by Dave Zirin
February 10, 2010

The arrest of an independent reporter in the run-up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics is a troubling sign of a crackdown on dissent.

NEWS FLASH: Winter Olympic officials in tropical Vancouver have been forced to import snow–on the public dime–to make sure that the 2010 games proceed as planned. This use of tax dollars is just the icing on the cake for increasingly angry Vancouver residents.


via Canada’s Olympic crackdown | SocialistWorker.org.


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10 thoughts on “Why oppose the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? + Canada’s Olympic crackdown

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  6. This report is articulate. And sad. Deep admiration to these activists.

    The olympics already are blatant nationalism, old greek combat excercises, used in modern times by fascists and terrorists for political goals. The athletes are duped, they all get gold medals, only make the medals not from metals but from reclaimed slices of windfall ancient cedar.

    Western Canada is sadly replete with national crimes, from vast clearcuts of the irreplaceable ancients, to exploiting tar-sands (and they expect snow?) to clubbing baby seals. And as this report points out, abusing of the First Nations in typical colonialist form.

    I’m proud of these activists, it’s a thankless job but thankfully somebody’s doing it.

  7. All these protests and demonstrations and whatever else should have been taking place BEFORE the IOC gave the nod to Vancouver. Now it is too late. We should make the best of it and welcome all the athletes.

    • If we took this ethical stance more often (e.g., it’s done now, make the best of it), what do you think would be the result? How well would that have worked in Nazi occupied Poland? Or, nuancing your logical error even further, oppressed workers in sweat shops shouldn’t really complain – at least they have jobs, right?

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