Tea Partyers Are White Nationalists, Pure and Simple by Glen Ford


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Black Agenda Radio Commentaries
Feb. 9, 2010

“The GOP is, at its core, a Rich Man’s Party that relies for its mass support on people who want to vote for a White Man’s Party.”

Corporate media go through all manner of contortions of logic and historical gymnastics to sanitize the Tea Party phenomenon – anything to avoid calling the people grouped under the Tea Party umbrella by their proper name: White nationalists. White nationalism is a taboo subject in most corporate circles – and even among some on the Left. The continued appeal of a loud and boisterous White Nationalism threatens the prevailing American mythology, shared by the likes of corporate Democrat Barack Obama and corporate Republican John McCain: the myth that racism is not endemic to American life and history.

Obama made that claim in his famous – and completely fatuous – Philadelphia campaign speech on race. Obama denounced former friend and mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright for expressing, in the candidate’s words, “a profoundly distorted view of this country — a view that sees white racism as endemic.” But there it is, for all to see, alive and kicking in the 21st century in the form of a Tea Party “movement” in whose mouths the phrase “take back America” means return to a time when the United States was a self-proclaimed White Man’s Country. The Tea Partiers need go back no farther in time than Ronald Reagan, who completed Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” by kicking off his 1980 presidential campaign with a speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a place made infamous by the murder of three civil rights workers. White Nationalist support for the Republican Party is the reason the center of GOP power lies in the states of the Old Confederacy. And it is the Republican Party that is most threatened by the White Nationalist Tea Partiers.

“The spectacle of raging White Nationalists on the march makes corporate-minded Democrats look positively leftish by comparison.”

The GOP is, at its core, a Rich Man’s Party that relies for its mass support on people who want to vote for a White Man’s Party. The two are not necessarily the same thing, as the White Nationalists of the GOP discovered with the bi-partisan Wall Street bailouts of 2008 and 2009. Anti-Wall Street sentiment runs deep in White Nationalist ranks, much of it rooted in anti-Semitism: the association of bankers and Jews. Republican Party leaders have good reason to fear that the Rich Man’s Party is losing control of some of its most fervent White Nationalist troops.

Progressives have very different reasons to worry about the Tea Partiers. The spectacle of raging White Nationalists on the march makes corporate-minded Democrats look positively leftish by comparison. But that’s an illusion. African Americans are especially susceptible to calls to “circle the wagons around the Obama administration” in the face of racist attack. Black activist Dr. Ron Daniels made just such an appeal, this week. It is a foolish, knee-jerk reaction, one that plays into the hands of the banking class and its servants in the Obama administration. Just because some neo-Confederates call President Obama racist names, does not mean Black folks should abandon demands on their own government for jobs, peace and neighborhood stability. Dr. Daniels wants Blacks and progressives to hold a march to support Obama. What we need to do is organize and agitate and march in support of our people’s social and economic interests. There’s a big difference between the two. For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaRadio.com.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com.


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27 thoughts on “Tea Partyers Are White Nationalists, Pure and Simple by Glen Ford

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  7. i stand corrected on ford. natureboy , not every thing is monolithic . those against taxes –some are non violent , some want to do it by overthrow . the movment is not even organized within itslef. it is split . and it is not all white !
    there are hispanics in it , and blacks too.
    you know who gave birth to this movement ? barak obama . by his incompetency . who gave birth to him ? Bush administration . and beat goes on .

    • Whatever it was, it’s now the party of palin and beck.
      Whatever’s left of the prior groups, I doubt they pay much tax. It’s maddening that such activism didn’t materialize against the wars. This is not raising hell, it’s hell incarnate.

  8. excuse me , but didnt the black aganda report , including glen ford endorse barak obama , the jr. senator from illinois that has been president for over a year , and is slaughtering innocent woman and men and children in 5 countrys , and doing corporate bailouts for his rich white buddys at marthas vineyard ?
    this kind of man who endorses this kind of con job has no credibility in my eyes. escpecially when ralph nader warned him of it , and nader was running for president .
    he knows nothing of the tea party , and niether does nature boy . you know why ? cause i live out here in fly over country . the tea party is a mixed bag , just like any party . many green party people are not tree huggers . many are . so , there are white nationailists in the tea party , and there are people that dont care about race at all . they care about TAXES !

  9. Oh no, Glen Ford is so off the mark on this one all around. I consider Mr. Ford, who is a brilliant analyst, to be just a few hairs away from being a Black Nationalist.

    So why would someone who I consider a Black Nationalist be opposed to White Nationalism. Imagine if his brilliant website was called White Agenda Report. It would automatically be labelled a racist by the organizations that dictate what is acceptable when it comes to racial discussion.

    So if we apply that same standard to Mr. Ford, he is a racist.

    I am not defending the Tea Partiers because I’m sure they do have a few nuts in that movement, but let’s not let a black racist paint a movement with a broad brush, especially when he just uses talking points from Rachel Maddow and irrelevant historical events to support his argument.

    Let’s apply the same standard all the way around and not generalize.

    It’s also important to recognize that the Tea Party movement was not originally a “take America back from the black man” movement, the original Tea Party movement started by the libertarians in 2007 was a “anti-globilization” movement and had nothing to do with race.

    Sadly, Glen Ford is falling for the divide and conquer trap set by the mainstream media.

    • Massa,

      You’re saying Tankredo isn’t a seething career white nationalist? Did you WATCH him above? Did you hear them cheer?

      • No, I’m at work and I cannot watch the video, however I did listen to Mr. Ford’s audio and I read his commentary.

        All I’m saying is that a Black Nationalist has no business pulling the race card on whites, or having the gall to call them White Nationalists.

        I don’t know anything about Tancredo except that he ran for president last year, but I doubt his platform could anything close to a white nationalist agenda.

        • Have you met any recent teabirthers? Check the vids.

          Mr. Ford would have every reason to expose this blatant racism, yet his comments are far from racist or black nationalist, its basic observation and matter-of-fact.

          What’s truly unforegivable is that all the teamongers aren’t unanimously enraged at their blatant white nationalist streak.

          You’d need to look again objectively having properly studied the record presented here. There’s no excuse.

        • I still haven’t seen anything racist yet.

          Ford’s commentary didn’t really point to anything racist, unless I missed it. He’s just saying that the tea party is racist as a matter of fact without any evidence.

          And even if there are racists in the tea party movement, which I’m sure that there is, just like any mass movement, SO WHAT? If white nationalists are racist for being pro-white then Ford is racist because he is obviously pro-black.

          And truth be told I find nothing wrong with being either pro white or pro black, all I’m saying is that the double standard that is going on here is not intellectually honest.

          If all that you can do is call the opposition silly names without confronting their ideas, then all you’re doing is admitting that you have no counter to their arguments.

          If your counter arguments have any merit at all, then why include silly name calling.

          I don’t know what this current hijacked mainstream media version of the tea party movemnet is all about, but it is clear that they don’t agree with the Obama administration. Does that make them racist? Hardly.

          Were the million of Americans and people around the world called racist when we opposed the Bush administration? Not that I can remember.

          Sorry guys, you’re just falling into the divide and conquer trap.

        • You didn’t do your homework homie!

          Tancredo called for Literacy Tests for voters which was part of the jim crow construct used to bar blacks from voting (and he didn’t mean spell-checking the word). He claimed Obomba wouldn’t have won if Jim Crow was more alive and well.


          Watch the vids or stop wasting time (and your boss’s, meddling on blogs during working hours, not a very good right-wing wage slave are ya…or are you working for the Birchers?).

          Don’t play with supporting racists, especially activist ones. This is not a game. Whatever your race and whomever your working for, defend racism and you are complicit, and morally corrupt… Or just a meddler?

          This is about NOT dividing and conquering, this is about societal disease, the darkest side of America. Denying the racist antisemitic red-state confederate core described is nothing but denial. The tea Party is undeniably attracting this slime, proudly evidenced by Tancredo in full public above, you don’t wanna look, go away. But don’t deny what’s in blatant evidence that even shook whit-wingers.

          Even your heartthrob Megan mcBomb is disgusted (and likely not for the reasons republicans are scared of birthers).

        • I guess I’m a meddler then, a bonified shit stirrer.

          As far as I know, Tancredo wasn’t a part of the original Tea Party movement, neither was Sarah Palin or even Glenn Beck.

          Also I watched the clip provided by DS and it was pretty clear that Tancredo was talking about illegal immigrants who are not English literate, but Rachel Maddow put her spin on it saying that it was in reference to Jim Crow laws.

          I am not defending Tancredo, but if we are going to debate, we need to have an honest debate. Tancredo didn’t say that he wanted a return to Jim Crow laws, Rachel Maddow added said in order to support her charges of racism.

          Maddow is just claiming that everything is racistand not addressing the issues which actually gives the Obama administration cover for him to continue more wars, more taxes and more frauds while the little people bicker and name call.

  10. I’m already almost choking in agreement!!! This needs to be called out like this everywhere. Where did this come from? It’s an incurable disease. It’s making me literally feel ill.

    Tom Tancredo needs to be run down and locked up. I’m looking for that Maddow clip– this must be exposed!

    Thank you LO!

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