Bilin weekly demonstration reenacts the Avatar film

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February 12, 2010

The village of Bilin reenacted James Cameron’s new film Avatar during todays weekly demonstration. Five Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were painted blue, with pointy ears and tales, resembling the Avatar characters. Like Palestinians, the Avatars fight imperialism, although the colonizers have different origins. The Avatars presence in Bilin today symbolizes the united resistance to imperialism of all kinds.

From the archives:

Avatar is real: Pandora is in Central and South America by Carlos A. Quiroz

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  6. I understand that a Jewish population has continually resided in Jerusalem for at least the last two thousand years. I’d like to see Israel and Palestine coexist in peace. A solution would not mean Jewish people are uprooted to Nevada, the Outback, the old Jewish kingdom of Himyar, or the old Jewish country of Khazaria, or Birobridzhan. I think that the Jewish people who want to live in the Levant had better put their heads together and come up with a long term solution that must accommodate the Palestinians. Gaza and the West Bank should be economically developed in an inclusive, cooperative spirit.

    • Well said, but as a descendant of jews I wouldn’t live there!

      Here’s my ramble for what it’s worth:
      I despise history, but I think this idea of the holyland is an absurd racist myth on all sides and makes not even geological sense, it’s a bad piece of realestate, not even any oil!.

      It was so important to quickly find a place for the jewish survivors when the brits and US would still not take them in, it seems they dumped the survivors there (after refusing to let them emigrate) because generally everyone then still despised jews for whatever unimaginable reason.

      The miserable brits, the cause of so much irreconcilable global hell in the colonial era, were unforgivable tyrants and held unwarranted sway over the region, and did a miserable job of allocating before they ran. The Brits owe vast reparations to many, may they wallow in national poverty for their crimes.

      It also seems the activist Zionists then were nothing less than terrorists in their original tactics against the british colonialists, and there is a double-standard when we talk terrorism.

      But for Christians, Jews and islamists, it seems terror is their historically preferred way to interact. For this, they are each and all never again allowed occupy our front page and should melt away from their endless absurd arrogance like the Etruscans and ancient Egyptians.

      I don’t wanna hear about these fundaMENTAList maniacs any more! Bring back the Buddhists…

      White man seem to despise jews less now, (tho Islam more), and many of us are less or non-observant, especially in light of what happened (what god would allow that? EXACTLY! Either god didn’t exist or jews were not Chosen or both! Potato pancakes are good tho…), so let’s leave the whole place alone, it hardly even supports life.

      But if the UN was gonna mandate a re-allocation of realestate, then the UN needed to have paid massive reparations to the aboriginals who lived there for millennia.

      SOME of we so-called jews are apparently good culturally with money, real-estate (and that’s not genetic! It’s the way they were socialized, sadly didn’t rub off on me), we could have paid properly if the land was so important.

      But the fact is the land is not important, and so much is absurd biblicalistic, cultist myth, especially the support of evangelical Christian Zionists which is downright dangerous and quite sick in the mind, Hagee is a cult.

      But then I think nationalism is all absurd. Nationalities only are excused when defined by persecution, and that’s not the fault of the victim.

      We can all pay, we can afford to rescue persecuted peoples forced into exile and misery by this myth of nationalism and race. But it has to be done equitably, and with a constant effort to reform this godforsaken miserable abrahamic hell of everything within a thousand miles of the Mediterranean swamp of millennial misery.

      It’s a toxic region of the planet inhabited by very toxic, greasy, unwashed people espousing archaic beliefs causing global problems for centuries. There must be toxic mind-altering gas escaping from the volcanic activity in the region that makes ALL abrahamic peoples violent, racist and crazy.

      In the end, this whole region will be crushed by geologic forces, and later we will melt into the sun. Take THAT biblical literalists!

        • We could be so comforted, it’s all a miraculous mystery, science and art don’t seem to answer the emptiness. (At least we have Latkes!)

  7. Indeed. (And I definitely want a prehensile tail, but not sure about being yet more blue…)

    Let’s not make a biblical struggle over patches of uninhabitable desert, there’s plenty, and there will be more. Isreal and the whole problem is destined to be crunched between Africa and Asia. Foregone conclusion, hardly the promised land.

    They aren’t wholesale hunting descendants of jews anymore lately. Earth is our homeland. Let then have Palestine. Nobody’s fighting over Nevada or the Outback these daze, it can be bought by acre for a foot of blood-bath wall.

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