Michael Ratner on Israeli Apartheid


Updated: added Part 2


Michael Ratner reports on his recent visit to the West Bank



February 16, 2010

Ratner: Building settlements in occupied territories with US support is illegal and unacceptable


Bilin weekly demonstration reenacts the Avatar film

Israel: Occupation or Apartheid?

Inside Israeli land grabs + Ma’asara Village Demonstration + Israeli Occupation Forces Raid on the Village

Israel: The Politics of Faith and a Land of Conflict

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  5. These are the younger Jewish generations who never experienced what relgious hatred in Germany was all about. And those who survived Germany and the Holocaust obviously are not teaching what they experienced. It should be remembered that it wasn’t the Palestinians who killed 6 million Jews. So why pick on them? To Israelis, anyone not caucasian is below their dignity. With their repulsive behaviour, they are no better than those they accuse.

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