Rick Rozoff: Iran’s noose tightens + Clinton warns Gulf of Iran nuclear threat

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February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

Rick Rozoff says that Iran is having their noose tightened by NATO and the United States. The United States has made many moves, including land and sea based interceptor missiles in the Mediterranean. NATO has increasingly been deploying its deputy secretary to the Persian Gulf United Arab Emirates to lay the groundwork for a military strike against Iran.


Clinton warns Gulf of Iran nuclear threat

February 16, 2010

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has warned that the US sees Iran’s nuclear programme as the main threat in the region.

She made her comments at the US-Islamic World Forum in Qatar, a conference jointly organised by the Qatari foreign ministry and the US-based Brookings Institution and intended to promote dialogue on improving US-Islamic relations.

Al Jazeera’s Clayton Swisher has this report.

[February 16, 2010]

Clinton warns Gulf of Iran nuclear threat


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  4. It looks more and more like China will follow Russia’s lead in giving in to the US/NAto threats against Iran. It’s amazing to watch this: by throwing Iran to the dogs, they are letting all potential allies know that they are not to be trusted.

  5. Saudi Arabia wants war with Iran because they are wanting to protect their ‘special’ relationship with the US – but the idea that the rest of the Arab countries feel the same way about Iran is surely nearly 100% hype. Look at the way Dubai has aggressively pursued the (apparent) Mossad Hit Team that killed the Hamas guy in Dubai; if they were so on board with US policy, I think they’d have found a way to sweep the whole thing under a rug. Instead, Israel is watching as its (presumable) agents are, rightly, being advertised as internatlional criminals. I think that’s sending a pretty clear message that things aren’t as cut and dried as the Obamian propagandists wouldhave us believe

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