Pentagon Bracing for a Snap Offensive Against Venezuela by Nil Nikandrov

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by Nil Nikandrov
Strategic Culture Foundation

The US SOUTHCOM electronic surveillance base has been functioning in Aruba for several years. One day, an individual looking like a typical American, wearing shorts, a Hawaii shirt, and sunglasses, walked into it effortlessly and started roaming around. The US marines must have been too tired of the heat and assumed he actually was one of their countrymen – the base has been hosting numbers of visitors from the US recently amid the preparations for serious operations against Venezuela.

The visitor moved across the site with its standard blocks, glanced at the impressively proportioned radar and froze by the door to a large room with four giant screens in it. The screens were showing the contours of Venezuela’s Tachira and Zulia states and the locations of military installations, tank parks, aerodromes, and army bases as well as Venezuela’s industrial infrastructure including oil fields, refineries, pipelines, and plants. Even a brief look made it clear that the Caribbean coast and the west of Venezuela were under permanent surveillance from the base.


The infrastructure for the aggression is ready. The Pentagon seized every opportunity to set up military bases along the Venezuelan borders. Washington sent a heavily armed expedition corps, an aircraft carrier, and several warships to Haiti using the recent earthquake as a pretext, thus effectively securing another military base in the Caribbean. Experts suppose that the military group now based in Haiti can be used by the Pentagon to prevent Cuba from helping Venezuela in case it comes under the US attack. Chavez and the Castro brothers spoke a number of times about their common military obligations.

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  4. The US just won’t quit disturbing the shit until WWIII is started. And then…the US will have the crap beaten out. Always attacking nations that are smaller…what a bunch of cowards.

  5. It’s obvious that Chavez is on the hit list, right after Iran. The demonization of Chavez is growing, the process of ‘manufactured consent’ in the international community to isolate Venezuela, and the Color Coup is already underway. But what’s truly scary is to see how easily the US elites can pry Russia and China away from their supposed allies. Russia has evidently thrown Iran to the Dogs, and it sounds like China is almost on board with that too, despite recent noises about Taiwan and the Dalai Llama visit to Obama … count on it that China will not stand alone on the Iran attack … I wonder if the Alba-oriented Latin American nations that Labrov visited this last week have yet faced this reality? That Russia will throw them under the bus, and so will China, and that they are standing alone against the full power of the Empire, which is about to smash into them, which made short work of Honduras and of whatever was left of Haiti as a clear demonstration of its impunity and intent?

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