The Stimulator: The Five Cockrings Died


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1. Torch Cock Block
2. Take Back our City
3. Heart Attack
4. The Motherfuckin NLG
5. Gord Hill breaks it down.


In Defense of the Black Bloc: A Communique from Olympic Resisters

February 14th, 2010 – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

On February 12th and 13th, 2010, thousands of courageous individuals came together to resist the 2010 Olympic police state and to attack the corporations plundering the land and deepening poverty. We write this communique as participants in and organizers of the black bloc presence at these demonstrations, known as “Take Back Our City” and “2010 Heart Attack.”


via In Defense of the Black Bloc: A Communique from Olympic Resisters at subMedia.


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6 thoughts on “The Stimulator: The Five Cockrings Died

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  4. Imagine Selma to Montgomery, old-time teabirther-types with teargas & billy clubs. Fire hoses, attack dogs, just for the right to vote. If anyone smashed glass they would have all been lynched. And yet they made more progress in 1965 than we did in the last 20 years. (might help if there was an anti-war movement, wake me up when people care, we have more cops than marchers in NYC and barricades like it was St. Pats. And you smashing something at s march? You’d be shot or tazed & taken away).

    CA mounties got nothing on Kent State

    Gandhi was adamant, every act of violence begets the retaliatory act in train. He took apart the Brits with peace (yet we’re so proud of our revolution).

    Smashing storefronts is a bad PR move, they’ll run it on loop tape, viewers will see Kristalnacht and forget your point. Might as well drive a plane into something, that oughta fix it…

    There’s always a big debate about how far to take direct action. Paul Watson stink-bombs whalers, blockades seal-slaughters, and that’s jeopardizing ‘jobs’, no? Some say ‘ecoterrorist’ most say ‘Hero’, but he got the TV show and now the whole world is against the walers. Now if he’d torpedoed the Nishin Maru, would there be sympathy for the cause?

    Logging: Some ‘jobs’ are just bad bad jobs. Loggers up there are likely corporate peons, risking life & limb for Weyerhouser slashing the old growth for toilet paper (and toilet pay). That’s a bad job.

    “Riot 2010” is that a video game? Are those these mysterious tweeking skate-punks lootin’ & shootin’ at the G-8 with “Anarchy” sliced into their foreheads with an exacto blade?

    I still hold hope there’s more to dissent than gangbanging on mischief night, or Beck’s red-stated corporate teabirthers, but for like 10 years Cindy Sheehan stood alone on her soapbox while everyone went shopping Yet somehow she doesn’t smash things to make her points.

    Anyway broken glass is really nasty if embedded in the big toe or the arch of your foot, so let’s beat on drums instead and make a scene some other way? You won’t hurt the banks by breaking their windows, you’ll just freak out your neighbors. Burning down Watts didn’t much help the cause.

  5. Hear, hear, but please stop with the breaking windows? Some of us are barefoot most times, & not all businesses are evil corporatists, and the Borg-like corporatists won’t care.

    Some may advocate selective disabling of certain equipment that poses direct threat to innocents (the Plowshares 8, monkeywrenching abusive logger’s machines, stink-bombing whalers, and other apparently controversial techniques) as justifiable direct defense of innocents (as long as injury to anyone is not the goal).

    But headbanging/bodyslamming/mosh-pitting the local stores looks like a riot…

    Gandhi & King lead the most effective public demonstrations, please don’t forget their hard-won lessons.

    Please, people, no matter how pissed off anyone gets, no violence.

    • ummm natureboy… the police fucked those protesters up, why no call against their violence? it was not like it was local mom and pop stores that were targeted – HBC is a genocidal company without shame, TD bank is, well a bank, and stealing money from the poor. disabling a logging machine so a logger cant work or feed his family is at least as violent as breaking a window… no one was put out of work due to the window… living in canada without actively resisting our wars abroad and our wars at home is violence.

      plus, for 5 years RIOT 2010 was a slogan of the movement, how are you surprised now?

      both Gandhi & King had militant movements to their left, lets not forget about opening space for the less radical elements in the movement that more militant actions allow for.

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