Direct action protests against Genetically modification (GM) of food (spanish subtitles)


February 19, 2010

Direct action protests against Genetically modification of food – from thrashing crops to going naked

video no longer available


Updated: Aug. 29, 2014; added a similar video

Genetic Modification (GM) crops protest archive images with BITC

undercurrentspaulo on Sep 1, 2010

Various direct action protests against GM crops in England. George Monbiot speech Recorded by

from the archives:

Monsanto – Public Enemy No. 1 By Siv O’Neall

The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see (video)

3 thoughts on “Direct action protests against Genetically modification (GM) of food (spanish subtitles)

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  2. I would like you to support the banning of genetically
    modified food in Missouri. I believe that many health problem will result from the continued use of genetically modified food. I understand the need to produce as much as possible, and the need to keep food prices low, however the resulting medical problems will cost much more to treat than will be saved by cheaper food.

    I personally am disabled with both a neurological disease and a memory disorder that have no known causes, however my diet has pin pinpointed as a huge culprit.

    • Thanks, Mary. First, I’m sorry to hear of your health problems. But why ban GMO’s in only one state? I don’t think we could do a state by state banning since our food supply comes from all over the country and other countries. Great point on the health costs verses cost of food. We need to ban GMO’s worldwide.

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