Mountain and mine + ‘Avatar’ a reality for Indian tribe fighting mining company

Mountain and mine

February 21, 2010

People & Power investigates the Kondh peoples battle to save their god.

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‘Avatar’ a reality for Indian tribe fighting mining company

By Harmeet Shah Singh
February 9, 2010

New Delhi, India CNN — Campaigners fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples have appealed to the makers of the movie “Avatar” to help an Indian tribe protect its home from a real-life threat.London-based Survival International has drawn a parallel between the Na’vi of “Avatar” and the Dongria Kondh tribe in the eastern Indian state of Orissa, who it says are struggling to defend their sacred mountain from being mined by British firm, Vedanta Resources.


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Indian tribe appeals for Avatar director’s help to stop Vedanta

by Kathryn Hopkins
8 February 2010

The Dongria Kondh say plot of James Cameron’s blockbuster reflects their plight as they struggle to stop company from opening bauxite mine on sacred mountain

The Dongria Kondh tribe from eastern India today appealed to film director James Cameron to help them stop controversial mining company Vedanta from opening a bauxite mine on their sacred land as they believe that he will understand their plight better than most.

Like the Na’vi tribe in Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar, who are desperately trying to stop humans from mining under their sacred ‘home tree’ in Pandora, the Dongria Kondh are trying to stop Vedanta from opening its mine on the mountain they worship.


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Updated: Oct. 5, 2014

The Real Avatar: Mine – Story of a Sacred Mountain

Survival International on Mar 31, 2009

What will one tribe have to do to save everything they know?

UPDATE: Victory! The Dongria Kondh have stopped Vedanta from mining their sacred mountain.

Mine, narrated by Joanna Lumley, tells the story of the remote Dongria Kondh tribe’s struggle to protect Niyamgiri, the mountain they worship as a God. London-based mining company Vedanta Resources plans a vast open-pit bauxite mine in India’s Niyamgiri hills, and the Dongria Kondh know that means the destruction of their forests, their way of life, and their mountain God.

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