Ralph Nader: Nothing can stop the organized power of the people! (1996)

Ralph Nader after the speech - Green Lecture

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

February 18, 2010

Talk by Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader at the Egyptian Theatre in Seattle October 18, 1996.

Ralph Nader – Seattle – October 18, 1996


Tribute to Howard Zinn with Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman and more

Nader Calls Obama’s Loan Guarantee for Nuclear Power Plants Monumental Mistake + Harvey Wasserman: A Bad Day for America

7 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Nothing can stop the organized power of the people! (1996)

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  7. The Toyota Hearings are on C-Span as I write this. When I think of Ralph Nader I think of someone trying to alert people to potential hazards about products. I don’t know if Ralph was whistleblowing/alerting people about Toyota before all this gas pedal S**T hit the fan, but if he was, some Americans would’ve treated him like we have come to treat him now it seems. A fringe element, who is “out there” somewhere, who had the audacity to run for president, who has the audacity to speak truth to power,, and who is an alertist that tells us all about how big biz pulls the wool over the sheepoles eyes. Toyota knew about this problem a long long time ago. I’d lay money Ralph did too, except nobody wanted to hear or chose not hear his alert about Toyota gas pedals. That’s how we roll here. We kill the messenger’s who inform us of bad business news, and then say we don’t. We shut them up like kooks and loonies and then say we don’t. Sad…very very sad statement on our culture.

    Where have you gone Ralph Nader, our nation turns it lonely Toyota gas pedals to you.

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