Ron Paul on Assassinations of Americans by their own government

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February 24, 2010

Congressman Paul speaks on the floor about assassinations of Americans by their own government

on vodpod: Ron Paul: Floor Statement on Assassinations


The Goal of Modern Propaganda: Mythocracy + Presidential Assassination Program by Cindy Sheehan

Dennis Kucinich and Glenn Greenwald: Assassinating Americans + Corporate Money + Moonlighting CIA Operatives

Dennis Kucinich Challenges Potential Extrajudicial Killing of Americans + US Government killing Americans abroad, OK?

Ron Paul on the CIA’s Assassination Policy + Audit The Fed!

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Assassinations of Americans by their own government

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  4. I don’t believe that most people even care that assassinations are authorized and legal now. Sandra Bullocks face is plastered all over printed media but there is not one mention to the fact that MURDER for mere SUSPICION of “terrorizing” is now okay. I was told that GMA had a brief reference to this Orwellian nightmare come true run across it’s ticker the other morning – jeez the whole show should be devoted to the travesty.

    What is wrong with us humans? Are we so distracted and desensitized that we just keep letting our rights erode into a memory? Complacency = ignorance = insanity. People are getting exactly what they deserve and they don’t even know better.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next from the Obama posse’ of TERRORIZING thugs. We are screwed.

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  8. “Rogue Nation”, protected by U and I, and U and I, will be held accountable, some day, in the Hague.
    Ya, we want freedom for Asia, but walls for Camp America.
    Probaton Nation, there is a law, and the law will be used to the fullest extent against U/s.
    Suggestion, buy prison[junenile/adult] stocks, & make some money off this ugly punative scheme. After-all, its about the money. ?

  9. I guess Paul is about as close as the Right Wing gets to a Dennis Kucinich. and on certain issues, that’s actually pretty close.

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