The False Health Debate: Shall We Be Forced To Buy Corporate Insurance By Law Or By Necessity?

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By the time you read the next couple paragraphs the veil will be lifted from your eyes and you will finally understand what is really going on with the health care “debate”, which up to this point has been a total fraud on the American people.

On the one hand we have the Republicans. They are for privatization, deregulation and the “free market”, all deceptive synonyms for giving all power to, and putting us totally at the mercy of, the corporations. In the Republican world view, we will be forced to buy corporate medical insurance if we can afford it, and simply die if we cannot (or if they cheat us out of our coverage).

On the other hand we have the Democrats. They serve the SAME corporate contributors. But where the Republicans would force us to buy corporate medical “care” by direness of necessity, the Democrats would do it by force of LAW. Hence, they are pushing for a forcible mandate for everyone to buy insurance from an artificial “market” with no options OTHER than corporate insurance. And when the system goes bust from the overhead, and can no longer provide coverage because of unconstrained corporate greed, again people will simply die.

It is a false and ultimately meaningless choice. It is like giving a condemned person a choice of the method of their execution.

But one thing is certain. If the Democrats perversely persist in this it spells the end of the Democratic party. They will be wiped out in the next couple elections and there will be nothing left of them, and then we will all suffer the more. And YOU must tell them that. Because not telling them will not keep it from happening. The only thing that can stop it is if THEY finally understand that they are no longer fooling you.

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