Robert McChesney and John Nichols: The Death and Life of American Journalism Pt.2

February 27, 2010

McChesney and Nichols propose solutions for crisis facing journalism.

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Dennis Kucinich Opposes Intelligence Authorization

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by Dennis Kucinich
Feb. 26, 2010

Washington D.C. (February 26, 2010) – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today issued the following statement after the House of Representatives voted 235 to 168 to pass the Intelligence Authorization Act:

“I strongly support the dedicated public servants of our intelligence community. Their work to ensure our national security is to be commended. However, I must oppose the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2010.

“This legislation contains provisions that implement vital measures of accountability, such as a provision to prohibit the use of funds for payment to any contractor to conduct interrogations of detainees currently in custody. I also support the provision in this legislation to establish an independent Intelligence Community-wide Inspector General. These provisions are an important step to ensure that mechanisms of accountability and oversight are in place. However, I remain concerned that some of the methods being employed by our intelligence community may amount to serious violations of international law and our Constitution.

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Jeff Halper: The Global Pacification Industry (must-see)

February 26, 2010

Interview with Jeff Halper, Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and author of Obstacles to Peace: A Re-framing of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and An Israeli In Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel.

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What We Know about Climate Change

February 27, 2010

In the many responses I get to these videos, it appears that a number of people want to deny, or are not even aware, that there is a scientific foundation to the overwhelming consensus on climate change.

In fact, the science is built on thousands of publications and many decades of observation.

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Part VI: How to Fight Back and Win: Common Ground Issues That Must Be Won — The Economic Elite Vs. The People by David DeGraw

Dandelion Salad

by David DeGraw
Amped Status
February 27, 2010

Throughout this report, I have presented statistical and fact-based evidence to demonstrate that a strategic attack has been launched against 99% of Americans. Despite the efforts of the mainstream media and most current politicians, awareness of this reality is spreading throughout the United States. A recent Rasmussen poll found that only 21% of Americans think that the government has the consent of the governed. An Opinion Research Corp. survey revealed that 86% believe “the system of government is broken.” Continue reading

Mitteleuropa – The Making of America’s New Cold War by Gaither Stewart

Gaither Stewart
by Gaither Stewart
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
27 February 2010

La Repubblica in Rome quoted the Russian Chief of Staff General Nikolay Makarov that the US missile shield scheduled for installation in East Europe is blocking the signing by Presidents Obama and Medvedev of a new START agreement (strategic arms reduction treaty) between the USA and Russia.

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Naomi Klein: Climate Debt

February 26, 2010

Feb. 25, 2010 – Naomi Klein gives a lecture on the issue of climate debt, organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (

This was the first in a series of lectures in honour of David Lewis (1909-1981), a leading labour lawyer, life-long social democrat, a founder of the NDP and its national leader from 1970 to 1975.

The lecture series will focus on issues that were important to David Lewis: social democracy, organized labour, and income inequality.

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Deadly quake rocks Chile + Chile’s deadly quake upgraded to magnitude 8.8 + Chile’s killer quake toll passes 300

Al Jazeera English
February 27, 2010

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake has struck near the city of Concepcion in Chile, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reports.

The quake, which struck early on Saturday, shook buildings and caused blackouts in as far away as parts of the capital, Santiago.

Michelle Bachelet, the outgoing president, said six people were killed and that more deaths were possible.


via Al Jazeera English – Americas – Deadly quake rocks Chile

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