Israeli army tanks open fire on Gazans

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01 Mar 2010 17:17:47 GMT

Israeli army tanks opened fire on northern Gaza Strip, killing a Palestinian and wounding another near the town of Beit Lahia, Palestinian sources say.

According to witnesses living in the area, the army tanks fired four artillery shells at the area on Monday, DPA reported.

The head of Gaza emergency services, Muawiya Hassanein, also confirmed that a Palestinian was killed, saying they recovered the body of Mohammed Ghaban, 20, who was killed by shrapnel from Israeli shelling near Beit Lahia.

Medics at Kamal Odwan Hospital earlier said that one Palestinian, who had been critically wounded, was admitted to the hospital.

The Israeli military did not immediately comment on the attack.

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3 thoughts on “Israeli army tanks open fire on Gazans

  1. Because the fact that most of everything that happens into that region of the world is triggered by greed and stupidity, a warning to the Hebrew-Jews people is needed in order that they will understand what the real danger is for them.
    The real danger for the Hebrew-Jewish people is them selves; their paranoia is justified but out of focus and subject; it needs to be refocused on their attitude toward God’s will for them, first, and then the Arabs, Palestinians and the rest of the world.
    The pacts made by God with them through Abraham and Moses, are only valid and contemporary as far as they behave as those two prophets did: In total obedience and meekness in everything God commanded them to do.
    But after Isaac had Esau and Jacob, thing started to get jumpy for the Hebrews-Jewish people and eventually, all the sons of Jacob but one, Joseph, were doing their on will in many of the things related to their doings on the land in disregard to the commandments and will of God.

    Latter in their history, things got even worse under the loyal Moses, and the people of Israel were curse to walk in the desert for forty years due to their constant rebellion and unrighteousness in opposition to the will of God to them through Moses; as his prophet and leader.
    Then latter, King David came and with him the division of the Hebrew-Jewish people also due, again, to transgressions among them and toward God’s will.

    From there, their struggle to survive went from constant wars, persecutions and captivity even to their complete expulsion from their Lands, right after killing their own messiah and destroying his followers.

    In the modern age we keep seeing the same happenings with the holocaust, so far, being the epitome of the Hebrew-Jewish self inflicted ordeal through human history.

    In 1948 the Hebrew-Jewish people started returning to their Land in the middle east mainly empowered by the influence of Great Britain and the USA in the region; this event fulfilled some prophesies from the Judeo Christian scriptures an has been, since then, a major factor for disturbances of all kinds in the region, its population and the whole world’s politics and finances.

    Now, it is true that some of those Lands belong to the Hebrew-Jewish people; “the Israel” of God. But here is the interesting part and the center of the danger for the Hebrew-Jewish: Who are the real Israelites before God? Meaning those who are the ones wrestling together with God against evil.

    With the legendary battle of Armageddon looming in the horizon of the region, and the belligerence of the Hebrew-Jewish backed by GB and the USA acting like fuel being tossed into the flames of hatred, greed and stupidity, the whole situation appears to be the setting of the stage for the next holocaust; only this time a world holocaust of humongous proportions, and intended to, once and for all, determine who are those that represent the real Israel before God’s will; that not just from the Hebrew-Jewish people, but also among all the people of the world.

    God is not a God of favoritisms that does distinctions among people. God will choose his people by their integrity of character and their ability to by merciful.

    Armageddon will be the last resource that God will use to determine who is who before him. And far from being his creation and intention toward humanity, the Hebrew-Jewish people included, Armageddon will be the complete product of human greed and stupidity, announced by God’s mercy to his children thousands of years ago.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should LIKE the areas that the US hates and HATE the areas that the US likes.

    I find it mind boggling that the humans that are inflicting the Palestinian genocide are the same bloodlines that survived the Nazi genocide. It’s pure insanity.

    The stream of anger and resentment has to stop at some point. The excuses to destroy life are no longer convincing. If it ever does stop it will probably happen “too late” like every other preventable atrocity in human history.

    The Palestinian people are so peace loving and precious – how it is okay to destroy them I will never agree with or understand. Cultural differences are not a valid reason.

  3. It’s funny how Russia has been talking about how concerned they are that Iran might destabilize the Middle East. How about the way Israel constantly destabilized the Middle East? Oh, wait, I guess the relentless attacks by Israel on its neighbors IS the way Israel does stability, so it’s ok.

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