Work Sucks! Part 2: Workers’ Self-Management

March 06, 2010

This is Part 2 of 3 of Work Sucks! This video is definitely not as good as my last video but I had to cover this information before moving to the next part.

If you haven’t seen The Take, please see the following link. You can watch Workers’ Self Management in action.

The Take (2004)

On cooperation vs. competition, I would check out the book, No Contest: The Case Against Competition. The author debunks the myth that competition is better than cooperation by going over 500 studies and showing that in almost every case, cooperation is much better.

One thing I didn’t cover was how to start a Workers Managed company. Obviously, there is no huge incentive to start one. In a Left-Libertarian society, communities and workplaces are highly linked to each other so starting a cooperative would be no problem. Of course, we dont live in this type of society. There are a number of ways to proceed. Anyone can start one of these companies which is a start but again, no incentive, except for humanitarian reasons. Some people have suggested anarcho-syndicalism. In a nutshell, anarco-syndicalism uses unions in a grass-roots fashion. Basically, unions connect with other unions and form a federation. At some point, the unions go on strike driving the companies out of business. After that, the workers start running the workplace on their own. This is pretty much what happened during the Spanish Civil War.

I’m not one for using government but here is another option. Instead of bailing out car companies, the public could force the government to hand over the workplace to the employees and let them run it. There are many other options but these ones are pretty popular.


“We need a new political party that represents the entire working class!”

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