Michel Chossudovsky: Is catastrophe ahead for US-China relations?


March 09, 2010

United States-China relations are on the rocks recently, China says that they have been seriously disrupted. Essentially, China feels that it is being threatened by the United States and this has been mounting since 1999. The threats are coming in the form of diplomacy, however Michel Chossudovsky says that the United States also has missiles pointed at Chinese cities.

5 thoughts on “Michel Chossudovsky: Is catastrophe ahead for US-China relations?

  1. The US is the greatest threat to world peace. The US might have the most powerful military on the planet, but they only have 1/23rd of the world’s population. The world does not have to stand idly by watching them destroy country after country for their own profit. We could all bring that rogue nation to its knees if only we would have the collective will to close our borders to them. Make it close their almost 800 military bases, kick it out of our countries, stop trading with it, and turn it into a bad memory. Then, we could all live in peace as long as another imperialist nation did not step into its shoes and adopt its greed-driven environmentally, economically, socially and culturally destructive policies. Is there a nation out there capable of leading the way towards healing the damage caused by the US?

  2. And in the bitter end: the Empire of Rubble. So many lives sacrificed for absolutely nothing.

  3. Did the US use a weapon to make the Szechuan quake? Check ‘Man Made Disasters’ section of codshit.com …..
    The US is biting the wrong empire if they think they can beat China. All the military software was made in China. Not to mention those little berets.

  4. Good report by Chossudovsky, though I think he should also point out that the North of China/Russia are also militarized via the Arctic buildup, and the West as well, via Japan. They are truly encircled.

    The contrasts in the background video are fascinating. A magnificent city, crowned with stunningly awful skyscrapers wreathed in the most awful smog, contrasted with a guy on a bicycle, hauling a small truckload of boxes, giving quite a lesson on how we DON’T have to abuse nature the way we do in order to be highly effective and functional. A bike, a guy, and a truckload of merchandize moving down the road. What an eloquent contrast to the nearby crowning ‘glories’ of civilization…

  5. It’s not possible to resist the Empire without making common cause with other nations that are resisting the empire. But you can’t do that if all you are really trying to do is negotiate a better deal with the Empire.

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