Investigative journalist Greg Palast on bloodsucking vulture corporations

Liberia map

with Greg Palast
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12 March, 2010

March 12, 2010


Vultures In Liberia by Greg Palast (transcript)

Palast hunts the vultures for BBC

Liberian leader urges MPs to back action against vulture funds by Heather Stewart and Greg Palast

Keiser Report №23: Greg Palast on Vulture Funds

3 thoughts on “Investigative journalist Greg Palast on bloodsucking vulture corporations

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  2. This is even better than Lehman.
    How much of this dead 3rd world paper is mouldering, why are banks issuing loans to nations, and how would any court enforce the order to actually cough up the cash… threaten to foreclose their territory? or maybe they found some fine-print where they get to re-enslave Liberians. I thought it was the IMF’s job to shake down the destitute.

  3. I wish I could still get Thom Hartmann on television…this is a VERY important story, Lo, and, one that is not being covered..thank you!

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