Max Keiser: Move Israel to Florida! + Birgitta Jonsdottir on the National Referendum in Iceland

March 12, 2010
Interview with Birgitta Jonsdottir




The fight against Israeli “impunity”

Israel’s continued settlement expansion

Map of Israel’s East Jerusalem housing plan

The Crisis in Iceland: Every Bubble Ends in Rubble by Richard C. Cook

Andrew Gavin Marshall: The collapse of Iceland

Max Keiser on Egill Helgason’s TV show: Financial Terrorism in Iceland

8 thoughts on “Max Keiser: Move Israel to Florida! + Birgitta Jonsdottir on the National Referendum in Iceland

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  4. The Icelandic people fought Mother Nature, and changed the course of a lava flow. These couragious people will over-come any man made problems.
    They may be down, but, don’t count them out.

      • Imagine how happy they’d be in a world without walls or mandatory military service, celebrating the achievements of the culture instead of endless front-page misery. They put an Eiffel tower in Vegas, moved the temple of Dendur into the Met, and relocated the cloisters to Washington Heights, surely we can reconstruct jerusalem in Baja! Tarantino should try revising that history on screen…

        Kaiser is a hoot. He has the clarity and humor of a hedge-fund insider, doesn’t resort to mythical constructs. What a caper.

        Scads of money being made right now in this unchecked finance circus. You can smell the excitement downtown, brilliant kids half our age skimming the scam of the millennia.

  5. I hadn’t thought about the ‘arctic angle’ on this. And how interesting that the same thing is happening in Iceland as here, where the people who caused the problem got a quick bailout and now are heading the ‘recovery’, which means sticking the population with the costs.

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